How to Register & Update GODIAG GD201/GD202/GD203?

This is a guide on how to register & update GODIAG scan tool software for the first time, which applies to GODIAG GD201, GD202, GD203.

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GODIAG GD201 vs. GD202 vs. GD203 Comparison

How to register GODIAG scan tool?

Fill in Email, password, name, country, and verification code to create an account.

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  • Register through update software GODIAG
  1. Connect GODIAG scanner with computer via USB cable, click “Godiag Update Tool.exe”to install directly; Or go to (GODIAG >> Support >> Downloads )to download the latest version of updater tool.

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  1. Fill in the information to finish registration.

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How to add GODIAG tool to your account?



  • For new users, registration will be automatically finished when connecting scanner with computer via USB cable and running GODIAG.
  • For users who have already registered, please follow the steps below.


  1. Please find “Serial Number”& “Register Password” by selecting “Setup >> About” on GODIAG tool(Or check the Password Paper in Register Password). Click “Register Products” icon after successfully login.

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  1. Selected “001”option on “S/N Registration” tab, input SN & password to submit.
  2. A confirmation box will display to show successful registration(or register the tool in member center when logging in official website).

How to update GODIAG scan tool?

  1. Connect GODIAG tool with computer via USB cable.
  2. Running Godiag Update Tool and logging in, click “My Update”, software list will display after a while.

(Please make sure the SN is correct in the drop-down list)

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  1. Click “Update”to start downloading and installing.

Note: It’ll take some time for update process. Please make sure updates are 100% completed before disconnecting scanner from computer to avoid the possibility of data corruption.

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Download: GODIAG Scan Tool User Manual 


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