Choose OBDSTAR F100 to DIY Mazda 6 mileage + key

If you are looking for a DIY tool to change Mazda 6 mileage and program key, this OBDSTAR F100 Ford Mazda Key Programmerdefinitely fits you! Check below to know why!

Top reasons you should get OBDSTAR F100 Ford Mazda for DIY your car

  • It totally meets your need. It is born to read pin code, change mileage and program key for Ford Mazda including Mazda 6.
  • It’s easy to use, the menu and instruction is clear to understand for DIY car owner like you.
  • It’s cheap, no worry to beyond budget for DIY.
  • Ithas small size totally fit your hand. You can put it at pocket.


Check OBDSTAR F100 support car list here:


How to change Mazda 6 mileage using OBDSTAR F100?

The old odometer value is 75010 KM. And in this case it will be changed to new 22000 KM.

Just plug this OBDSTAR F100 tool into Mazda 6 OBD port, turn car ignition on.

Choose “Function” and “Mileage Adjustment”.

Select “M6” from the car list. Select Mazda 6 car year.

Wait a while, it says communicating.

Then you can enter a new odometer value for Mazda 6.

Input 22000 and confirm it.

OBDSTAR F100 is correcting Mazda 6 mileage. Wait it complete

Now you successfully use OBDSTAR F100 to adjust Mazda 6 mileage!


Vpecker Series DSS Add new software

Good news!  Vpecker DSS Add new software

1 BMW Beta
Year: up to 2016
Model: E30,E36,E38,E39,E46,E60/E61,E63/E64,E65/E66/E68,E81/E82/E87/E88,E90/E91/E92/E93,F01/F02/F04,F06,F07,F10/F11,F12/F13,F18,F20,F21,F22,F23,F30/F31/F35,F32/F33,F34,F36,F45,F80,F82/F83,I01/I12,X1_E84,X3_E83,X3_F25,X4_F26,X5_E53,X5_E70,X5_F15,X5_F85,X6_E71,X6_E72,X6_F16,X6_F86,Z3_E36,Z4_E85/E86,Z4_E89,Z8_E52 etc.

2 MINI Beta
Year: up to 2016
Model: MINI_F55,MINI_F56,MINI_R50/R52/R53,MINI_R55/R56/R57,MINI_R58/R59,MINI_R60,MINI_R61 etc.

Model: RR1,RR2,RR3,RR4,RR5 etc.

VPECKER Easydiag Wireless OBDII Full Diagnostic Tool Support 89 Vehicles WIN10 Add DPF/Oil Reset

VPECKER Easydiag OBDII Full Diagnostic Tool with Special Function Support WIN10 Two Years Warranty

Use Xtuner T1 Test Maintenance Oil Reset on Cummins truck CM2150C

Xtuner T1 truck scanner , engineers has used tested maintenance oil reset ok on Cummins truck CM2150C

Here is the step by step How to use Xtuner T1 Cummins truck CM2150C maintenance oil reset

Cummins CM2150C
Tool used:
Xtuner T1 truck diagnostic tool

Connect the XTUNER-T1 scanner with the truck
After connection, the power indication light will turn on

Search the WIFI of XTUNER-T1 on the PC or pad, and connect the WIFI manually

If the WIFI connection successful, the WIFI indication light will turn on.

Run the XTUNER-T1 application, ready for diagnosis.
Select the diagnostic system: Cummins V12.0

Select engine: Cummins ISDe Engine CM2150C

Connecting to ECU

Select Maintenance Oil Reset

Done! Oil reset OK!

Also, the engineers work for tested it’s diagnostic function and activation test… Both no issues!
Read DTCs success!

Activation test ok!

Xtuner E3 Installation , Activation & Software Download Instruction

XTUNER E3 WIFI OBDII Auto diagnostic tool perfect replacement Vpecker Easydiag, here is the instruction about how to install , activate and download software. It’s very useful for beginners who firstly use this tool, following us, please read it carefully:

3 Parts:

Part1: How to install XTUNER E3?
Part2: How to Activate account?
Part3: How to download software?

Running Environment 
l Hardware Environment:
Windows laptop, PC or PAD
CPU speed: more than 1.0G Hz
Memory: more than 1GB Disk: more than 32 GB
Communication port: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 
l Software Environment: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Part1: How to install XTUNER E3?
Step1: Download client
Access to official website
Click “Support” option
Download “XTUNER-E3 Setup Vx.xx

Step2: Setup the Client
Unzip “XTUNER-E3 Setup Vx.xx” and run XTUNER-E3 setup.exe

click “Next”

click “Next”

click “Install”.

XTUNER-E3 installed successfully. Click finish button to exit the setup wizard.


Part2: How to Activate XTUNER E3 Software?

At first, you should keep the network working.

Click “Online store” to get applications

Input the S/N number and password getting from the envelope

The S/N number like this:

Then click “Login”.

You will get this message if the product is not activated, please click “Yes”

Here Need you input your information and click “Activate”.
Note: Your email address must be real in order to get the activated link and the further better service from the manufacturer. The software update reminder and the new product release information will be sent to your email. If you do not receive the activation email, add “” to the white list of your mailbox and try the activation process again. Company name within 250 characters.

Click“Yes” to confirm your information

You should click the link to get the confirmation from the manufacturer.


Part3: How to download software?
After the activation, you should login the online store again, and get the APPs upgrade.
There are three modes for downloading, one by one and one-click. It may take a long time to download all the software, due to your network speed reason.

Above are some tips about Xtuner E3, Hope it helps you, thanks!

Source from :

Reviews of Autel AutoLink AL619 Scan Tool

Autel AutoLink AL619 is a popular original scan tool and hot seller online. It can work on all OBD2 and CAN Vehicles after 1996.

Following are collected customers reviews on AutoLink AL619 for you.

1.I had to get USB/ micro card adapter to download updates form my older laptop. My problems with individual abs sensors weren’t able to be narrowed down to which one was acting up, on my Pontiac Torrent. To be fair though the AL 619 did tell me there was a problem with the ABS speed sensor when no ABS light was on, so when checking out a used car and doing a scan could reveal problems that the dealer may have cleared. If this tool is only used once for only that purpose it will pay for itself.

2.I have only used it once, but It did work as advertised on my 2004 Mercury Gran Marquis. I was able to determine that the cause of the “check engine” light on the car was a cylinder 7 misfire, and was able to reset the light.

3.Got it, updated online, and hooked it up. You’ll have to manually set the tiburon by going to Asia->Hyundai->Coupe(GK).

4.I highly recommend this tool. Cheaper price compare to another brand but it works and easily to use. I checked the airbag error , it showed me what wrong and location parts. After that, I erased the code and never coming back.

5.A family friend brought this and I ask him about it so I can write the review, he know all about cars and chose this because of the price and the quantity of the material is made of and also because it does exactly what it says

6.I haven’t figured out how to update the device yet, but it was able to tell me the SRS code my 2011 Kia Forte Koup SX was giving without one. Turns out a wire was stripped under the passenger seat. Saved me a trip to the mechanic and potentially a lot of money.


How to print data by Autel Maxidiag MD802

Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 full system with data stream, it support online update and one year warranty.

MD802 is multi-function scan tool developed by Autel company. It is designed for technicians to troubleshoot all the systems for most of major vehicles on the road today.

This article teach you how to print and how to View or Delete Programs on the machine.

How to review and delete programs on the Autel MD802:

To view the list of installed programs or to delete an installed program, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the Installed Programs tag entry and the page will show the list of programs installed.

2.Select the program(s) that you would delete.

3. Batch delete: Select the programs that you would delete by clicking on the check boxes to the left of those items. Then click the DELETE button on the right side of screen.

4.Single delete: Click the UNINSTALL button in the line of your would-be-deleted program.

5.A window asking “Are you sure to delete the software?” will pop up for your confirmation.

6.Click on Yes to delete the program(s) selected, or on No to cancel the action.

7.The deleted program will automatically add to the end of program list in the UPDATE page in case you would like to install again.

Theoretically, all programs in latest versions will be automatically compatible with the older versions, but if your scan tool do have a compatible problem and want to retrieve the older version for some programs, you may need to delete them first then install the older version again. Choose older version from the pull-down menu of program version.

How to Print data by Autel MD802
The Print Data function allows printing out diagnostic data recorded by the scan tool or customized test reports by connecting the scan tool to a PC or laptop with the USB cable supplied.

To print out retrieved data, you need the following tools:
MaxiDiag Elite Series scan tool
A PC or laptop with USB ports
A USB cable

1) Install Autel PC Suit through the included CD, or download the applications in our website: or our distributors’ site.

2) Connect the scan tool to computer with the USB cable supplied.

3) Run Autel Printer software on computer.

4) Select Playback function in Main Screen of the scan tool. In Scan screen, use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select the files you want to print. Wait for the reviewing window to display
, then select Print function on the bottom. The selected file will be uploaded to your computer. For more detailed instructions, please refer to 4. Playback Data.

5) The Autel Printer will show as below.

6) The selected data will display on the textbox of Autel Printer.
By selecting the function buttons on the right, you could execute the following operations:
A.Print – Print all data in the textbox to a printer connected to your computer.
B. Edit – Once clicked, the software will automatically open an NOTEPAD window with all recorded data showing on.
C.Copy – Copy all data in the textbox to the clipboard.
D. Clear – Delete all data in the textbox.
E. Exit – Quit the operation.

7) You are also allowed to edit, copy, and delete the data in the Autel Printer window.

Attention: The scan tool can only print text data even though the data is saved in graphic mode.

Procedures Autel AutoLink AL539B Self-Test

Autel AutoLink AL539B with unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, circuit test, starting and charging systems tests, battery test, TFT color display, and built-in speaker. AL539b will streamline automotive service and help ensure rapid, accurate diagnosis and timely repair.

The Tool Self-test function checks if the display, LED lamps and keyboard are working properly.

A. Display test

The Display Test function checks if the LCD display is working normally.
1) From System Setup screen, use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select Tool Self-test, and press the OK button.
2) Select Display Test from Tool Self-test menu and press the OK button to start test.

3) Look for missing spots in the red, green, blue, black and white LCD display.
4) When completed, press the ESC button to exit.

B. Keyboard Test

The Keyboard Test function verifies if the keys are functioning properly.
1) Use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select Keyboard Test from the Tool Self-test menu, and then press the OK button.
2) Press any key to start test. When you press a key, the key name should be observed on the display. If the key name does not show up, then the key is not functioning properly.

3) Double press ESC to return to previous menu.

C. LED Test

The LED Test function verifies if the I/M Readiness LED indicator lamps are functioning properly.
1) Use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select LED Test from the Tool Self-test menu, and then press the OK button.
2) In the LED Test menu, use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select one or more LED lamps to check. The LED should turn on or off according to the selected commands.

3) When completed, press the ESC button to exit.

For the user manual or the Autel AutoLink AL539B function, you can see on:


Contact Information:



Whats App: +86 13983755934

Tel: +86-13983755934

Original AUTEL MaxiSYS Pro MS908P FAQ

AUTEL MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Customer Frequently Ask Questions: 
Q1:Can I use it to do gearbox programming of the Toyota MMT and Mitsubishi?
A1:Sorry, it can not.

Q2: Can I connect the MaxiSYS Pro MS908P with my car in other way? Such as the bluetooth. Or I can only connect through the cable?
A1:The device include one Ipad with one diagnostic box. The diagnostic box communicate with the Ipad by bluetooth. But diagnostic box need to connect cars by cable or connector.

Q3: Can I use the AUTEL MaxiSYS Pro MS908P to program the ECM module?
A3: Some cars can do. Some cars can not.

Q4: What is the difference between the AUTEL MaxiSys MS908 and the AUTEL MaxiSYS Pro MS908P?
A4:AUTEL MaxiSYS Pro MS908P can do the programming function, while the MS908 can not.

Q5:Can AUTEL MaxiSYS Pro MS908P support Malaysia Proton and Perodua?

A4:Yes,it can

Original Launch X431 Pro 8.0 inch Tablet PC WiFi/Bluetooth Full Version Two Years Free Update Online

Here comes a new Launch tool in name : Original Launch X431 Pro 8.0 inch


1.Launch X431 pro, shares same hardware configuration and function with X431 V, is little smaller than X-431 V+ x431 pro3.
2.Supported Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Traditional Chinese
(Please tell us the Serial Number, Country and Languages (You are allowed to choose two kinds of language) to activate it and relieve the IP limit)
3.Dealer Code: 86A
4.Easy to Update: Two Years Free Update Online, Support Online one-click update, no need to update the software to CF Card.
The X-431 PRO series is based on Android OS and connects via Bluetooth to the vehicle. Besides the common diagnosis depth it has additional comprehensive functions: In combination with golo the X-431 PRO / PRO 3 performs remote diagnosis and can be converted into a convenient CRM-system incl. Social Network Service – customer management on the next level!

X431 pro 8 inch Features:

1.Tablet with high configuration
2.Built-in Social Network Service allows user to access to diagnostic community
3.One-click update online via Wi-Fi
4.Remote diagnosis & maintenance with golo (optional)

X431 pro 8 inch Original Supported Car Models:

Acura, Changan, Daweoo, Gaz, Hafei, Huachen, Jiao, Lexus, Xiali, Xinkai, Benz, Fiat, Holden, Maruti, Opel, Pe-ugeot, Saab, Ssangyong, Tata, Changhe, Flyer, G-MSA, Infiniti, Mahindra, Perodua, Proton, Qirui, Tlisuzu, Zhongshun, EOBD2, Euroford, G-M, Jagar, Renault, Smart, Sprinter, USA Fo-rd, VAZ, VW, Changcheng, Dacia, F-ord, HaoQing, Jinlong, Liuwei, Rover, ZhongTai, ZhongXing, Bxfiat, HM, Isuzu, Jacty, JPIsuzu, Mazda, Seat, Skoda, Suzuki, BM-W, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Toyota, Vol-vo, Au-di, Chrysler, Citroen, Hyundai, Kia, Lancia, Lan-drover, Ni-ssan, Romeo and Sub-aru.

Package including:

1pc x TOYOTA-17
1pc x HONDA-3
1pc x MAZDA-17
1pc x FORD-6+1
1pc x SSANG YONG-20
1pc x CHRYSLER-6
1pc x SUBARU-9
1pc x KIA-20
1pc x DAEWOO-12
1pc x BMW-20
1pc x BENZ-38
1pc x GEELY-22
1pc x GMVAZ-12
1pc x TOYOTA-22
1pc x GAZ
1pc x BODII-16 Extend
1pc x Ssang yong-14
1pc x SUZUKI-3
1pc x AUDI-4
1pc x FIAT-3
1pc x BOD I Adaptor
1pc x BENZ-14
1pc x NISSAN-14+16


Introduction Original Launch X431 Pro 3 V2.0 Heavy-Duty Scanpad Full System

X-431 PRO3 V2.0 is a new Android-based vehicle trouble diagnostic device developed for internet applications. It inherits from LAUNCH’s advanced diagnosing technology and is characterized by covering a wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful functions, and providing precise test result.Through the Bluetooth communication between vehicle diagnostic connector and variant mobile intelligent terminals , it achieves full car model and full system vehicle trouble diagnosis, which include Reading DTCs, Clearing DTCs, Reading Data Stream, Actuation Test and Special Functions.Meanwhile, taking advantage of mobile internet, it integrates more application and service such as golo (Instant messaging and remote assistance), Repair Data, Business and Update etc. X-431 PRO3 adopts a higher performance-price ratio tablet computer, which is equipped with Android 5.1 operating system, 1.3GHz quad core CPU and 10.1” HD display.

Brand: 100% Original Launch X431

Update: Free Update 2 Years Online

X431 Pro3 Highlights:

The whole model, the whole system diagnostics
Real-time remote diagnostics
Clinet vehicle management
Golo Business manager
Free online repair database
Abundant special functions
Wide Car Model Coverage
Online repair & service resourses
One-click upgrade

X431 Pro3 V2.0 Features:

Diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and Chinese. Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data Stream, all system, Special Functions etc.

Repair Data:
Provides a mass of service information for various vehicle models, this enables users to retrieve service data of some vehicle online.

This option aims to help repair shops or departments establish long-standing relationship with customers and technicians to increase productivity and customer retention.

X-431 HD Module (Optional):
X-431 PRO3 provides an optional function of X-431 Heavy-duty module, which is specifically designed to diagnose diesel and gas-fueled heavy-duty vehicle models of 12V & 24V voltage.

This module allows you to provide online answers and solutions for the questions submitted by golo users and other repair technicians.

2 years free update online, lets you update your diagnostic software more efficiently.

Built-in Wi-Fi module makes surfing on the internet freely.

Allows you to send and receive emails.

Through it, you can configure your personalized X-431 PRO3.

Other additional functions:
Alarm, Calendar and Calculator etc

Launch X-431 PRO3 V2.0 Page Showing:

Package Including:

1pc x X-431 PRO3 tablet (including X-431 PRO3 protective sleeve)
1pc x Confidential paper
1pc x Diagnostic connector (for 12V car diagnosis)
1pc x X-431 HD module (optional, for heavy-duty trucks diagnosis, if you want, need pay extra fee for it)
1pc x OBD II extension cable
1pc x Cigarette lighter cable
1pc x Power adaptor
1pc x SB cable
1pc x Non-16pin connectors