Godiag GD203 vs. Vident iAuto702 Pro vs. Foxwell NT650 Elite

What are the differences between Godiag GD203, Vident iAuto702 Pro & Foxwell NT650 Elite service tool? Which one is better? No worries, here we have listed a comparison form below for your reference.


Godiag GD203 vs. Vident iAuto702 Pro vs. Foxwell NT650 Elite Comparison

Item Godiag GD203 Vident iAuto702 Pro Foxwell NT650 Elite
Image Godiag GD203 Vident iAuto702 Pro Foxwell NT650Elite
Reference Price £149 £119 £139
Diagnosis System ABS/SRS ABS/SRS ABS/SRS
Read/ Clear Codes
Freeze Frame Data
System Info
Live Data
Active Test
Coding × × ×
Oil Service/Reset
Electronic Parking Brake
Battery Configuration
Throttle Body Alignment
Injector Coding
Steering Angle Sensor Reset
Immobilizer ×
Gear Learning
Gearbox Match ×
Suspension Match ×
Sunroof Initialization ×
Adaptive Front Lighting System ×
Adjust Fuel
CVT Transmission Function ×
Update Free lifetime Free for the first 3 years Free lifetime
Language 17 language including English, German, French, Thai, Russian, Polish, Korea, Japanese, Swedish, Hungarian, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese 14 languages including  English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean,  Hungarian, Thai 13 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, Hungarian, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Russian, German, Korea



  • iAuto702 Pro is the cheapest, but there’s not much difference in price.
  • Both GD203 & iAuto702 Pro support immobilizer, gearbox match, suspension match, sunroof initialization, AFS while NT650 Elite does not.
  • Only iAuto702 Pro doe not support CVT transmission function.
  • Both GD203 & NT650 Elite are free lifetime for online update while iAuto702 Prois free for the first 3 years.
  • GD203 supports the most 17 languages, while the others support less.



  • All support to scan ABS & SRS systems.
  • All support OBD2/EOBD+CAN, read codes, clear codes, freeze frame data, system information, live data, active test, adaptation.
  • All support maintenance service such as oil reset, EPB, BRT, DPF, TBA/TPS, injector coding, TPMS, SAS, gear learning, AF, ABS, SRS, Odometer.



Godiag GD203 covers all functions of the others, Vident iAuto702 Pro takes second place. The overall prices are little difference. It’s suggested to choose based on requirements.


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