[Review and Comparison] GODIAG GD201 vs. GODIAG GD202 vs. GODIAG GD203

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Car owners and auto mechanics who are looking for suitable scan tools for vehicles will find product reviews and comparisons of GODIAG GD201, GODIAG GD202, and GODIAG GD203 in this post. You will be able to make an easy, smart, and quick decision in thinking of which product to purchase.



Every car owner and auto mechanic likes to work with the best scan tool that they can find for a vehicle. Why not read this detailed guide to discover the right product for you or your workshop?

We discussed GoDiag diagnostic tools with a focus on the GoDiag GD series. GODIAG GD201, GODIAG GD202, and GODIAG GD203 have been adequately reviewed and compared here with a table to aid the reader.

You will be making an informed and easy-breezy choice out of the aforementioned GoDiag GD series products in no time!


  1. Overview

GoDiag is a new brand in the OBDII automotive diagnostic tools industry that offers high-grade products that professionals can utilize in their workshops. They are the manufacturers of products such as GODIAG GD801 Key Programmer, GODIAG GT100 OBD2 Breakout Box, and GODIAG V600 BMW Scanner.

However, this guide is about the GODIAG GD201, GODIAG GD202, and GODIAG GD203 scanners which are in the GoDiag GD series. They are professional-grade tools that auto mechanics, big repair shops, and DIY mechanics can utilize. The three products are similar in appearance and each device has a body that is damage-resistant enough for use in an automotive repair workshop.

The GD201, GD202, and GD203 are handheld portable devices that feature built-in LCD color display screens and buttons for easy use. The screens show menus for easy navigation and there are available shortcuts for fast operation.

Buyers will find cords in the packs which are to be used for connecting the scanners to vehicles and third-party devices such as smartphones and PCs. The USB cords, for instance, enable battery-less charging. This feature will work when the ignition of the vehicle is on.

Each product is made for long lists of vehicle makers from America, Europe, and Asia. They are compatible with a wide variety of OBDI and OBDII vehicles. This includes 12V standard OBDII protocol vehicle makes. The GoDiag GD series are manufactured for cars, SUVs, minivans, hybrids, and light-duty trucks.

Updates can be done through the internet with the aid of USB connections. Buyers are promised free lifetime firmware and software upgrades. Users will keep getting the latest updates on new vehicles in addition to bug fixes, as well as the latest functionalities and parameters.

GD201, GD202, and GD203 come with many advanced service functions—including reset functionality and special capabilities. They include multi-language support and fast recognition with the aid of VIN (vehicle identification number). Users will benefit from these specs with a limited one-year warranty to protect their purchase.

Note: Not all specs apply to the three scanners.


The GoDiag GD Series Compared to the Autel MK808 and Foxwell NT809


  • Autel MK808 and Foxwell NT809 are suitable for cars, SUVs, and 12V trucks just like the GD201, GD202, and GD203. They all work with a variety of American, Asian, and European vehicles.


  • Autel MK808 and Foxwell NT809 are modern tablet scanners with touchscreens which is what the GoDiag GD series are not. The latter products are bigger. GoDiag products look more like heavily-built smartphones with buttons and way smaller screens.


  • GoDiag GD series products are battery-less while the other products come with rechargeable batteries.


  1. GODIAG GD201 vs. GODIAG GD202 vs. GODIAG GD203 Scan Tools
  2. Comparison Chart
OBDII Diagnostics Full Full Full
System Diagnostics All All ABS/SRS
Advanced Service Functions 29+ advanced functions including PFP (prime fuel pump), SRS airbag data reset, sunroof initialization, etc. 11+ advanced functions including injector coding, TPS (throttle position sensor), oil life service reset, etc. 30+ special functions including immobilizer, gearbox matching, odometer calibration, etc.
Vehicle Coverage · 80+ vehicle makes (European, American, and Asian).


· OBDI vehicles as well as most 1996 and newer OBDII & CAN compliant vehicles.



· Latest 2021 models on some makes.

· 75+ vehicle makes (European, American, and Asian).


· OBDI vehicles as well as most 1996 and newer OBDII & CAN compliant vehicles.



· Latest 2021 models on some makes.

· 65+ vehicle makes (worldwide).




· 1996 and newer OBDII vehicles.



Detailed Review and Comparison

Our detailed review and comparison of GODIAG GD201, GODIAG GD202, and GODIAG GD203 are partly based on the comparison table above. We would have included rows and columns for coding/programming in the table, but it was discovered that each product had all the features under that criterion. See some of the coding/programming roles below.


  • Erase codes


  • Read codes


  • Live data


  • View freeze frame


  • Read I/M readiness status data


  • O2 monitor test


  • On-board monitor test


  • Component test


  • Request vehicle information


Another thing to observe from the above table is that the GD201 and the GD203 can both perform far more advanced special service functions than the GD202. We elaborated on that in subsequent subheadings. For now, take a look at the advanced special service functions which both GODIAG GD201 and GODIAG GD203 can fulfill which GODIAG GD202 cannot below.



  • PFP (prime fuel pump) function


  • Replace airbag ECU (electronic control unit)/SRS airbag data reset


  • Immobilizer (anti-theft matching)


  • Gearbox matching


  • Sunroof/sunroof initialization


  • Seat entry/exit enable (seat match or adjust memory seat)


  • Odometer calibration/odometer instrument cluster initialize


  • Turbo


  • Change tire size


  • TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system/tire pressure sensor reset)/tire pressure reset


  • Windows door match


  • AFS (adaptive front lighting system)/headlamp matching


  • Transmission module oil life reset/transmission control module oil counter reset


  • Language change


  • AF (Adjust fuel)


  • Clutch match (clutch pedal free-play)


  • Camshaft gear learning


  • AT adaption



  1. GODIAG GD201

GODIAG GD201 offers complete OBDII diagnostics including having all the essential coding/programming specs. It is the most multifunctional device in the GD series. It can perform all system diagnostics functions which is something that GD203 cannot do. This includes helping users to read and clear codes as well as live data in systems such as the engine, ABS, SRS, and AT.

The GD201 can work with more vehicles than the GD202 and GD203. This means that there’s a high chance for your car to be compatible with the scanner than the other two products.


  1. GODIAG GD202

GODIAG GD202 provides complete OBDII diagnostics just like GODIAG GD201. Other similarities that the former has with the latter are that it can perform all system diagnostics as well as work on both OBDI and OBDII vehicles.

The GD202 has the fewest functionalities compared to the other two devices. However, don’t forget that it has all the essential coding/programming specs. Buyers should expect far fewer advanced special service functions from this product compared to the other two tools. This includes the following:


  • Injector coding


  • TPS (throttle position sensor)/TBA (throttle body alignment reset)-electronic throttle sensor reset/throttle matching


  • Suspension/suspension matching


  • DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration control system/ DPF regeneration


  • Oil life service reset/service lamp reset


  • BRT (battery replace test)/battery management service/battery matching


  • EPB (electronic parking brake) system maintenance/brake pad replacement


  • Evaporative (EVAP system monitor) test


  • SAS (steering angle sensor) calibration/steering angle reset


  • ABS (anti-lock brake system) bleeding


  • EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) adaption



  1. GODIAG GD203

You will only be able to utilize this device for OBDII vehicles. It does not work with OBDIs—which also means that it has less vehicle coverage than the other two products. GODIAG GD203 offers full OBDII diagnostics to users. It is more multifunctional than the GODIAG GD202, but it does not have the range of the GD201 (which is wider).

The GD203’s system diagnostic functions are only two in number (ABS/SRS). However, it provides users with about as many advanced special service functions as the GD201.


Final Thoughts

It is clear to see that GODIAG GD201 offers the most extensive functionality out of the three GoDiag GD series products. Auto repair shops or mechanics will find it capable of performing various maintenance jobs apart from complete car system diagnosis. This will make it more desirable to garages that offer a wide range of services. However, the GD201 is the most expensive of the three products.

GODIAG GD202 offers fewer functions because it is a basic scan tool. It is a preferable product for auto repairers that do not require a product that can execute a wide range of peculiar tasks. Lastly, GODIAG GD203 is largely designed for auto maintenance workshops. It can meet most car maintenance needs.

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