How to Select 2M2 Magic Tank Clamp Options for New Users?

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine clamp has been upgraded recently: Clamp A is the older one while Clamp B is the latest one. Both clamps can work for 2M2 machine.

This is a clamp options selection guide for new users, please follow the steps below to start calibrating the 2M2 machine for the first time.


  • How to select the correct clamp option?

Install the clamp on 2M2 Magic Tank firmly, go to MagicTank app to control,

Setting >> Clamp options >> Clamp B >> Clamp options

(Note: please select Clamp B for new users)

2M2 Magic Tank will start working…

2m2-magic-tank-clamp-options-2 2m2-magic-tank-clamp-options-3 2m2-magic-tank-clamp-options-4

  • How to calibrate 2M2 Magic Tank for the first time?

Setting >> Calibration >> To show correct key blank installation, press “GIF” >> Confirm

It’s taking a HON66 key blank for calibration example(25# can be reusable).


2M2 Magic Tank will start working after pressing “Confirm”.

It’ll also show the corrective record including X/Y direction data, CXY/CXY2 data, mShoulderX/MsHOULDERx2 data when completed.

2m2-magic-tank-clamp-options-5 2m2-magic-tank-clamp-options-6 2m2-magic-tank-clamp-options-7 2m2-magic-tank-clamp-options-8

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