FGtech V54 0475 wiring diagram for ME17.5.20-24

FGtech V54 Euro 0475.
Need to R/W VW UP Bosch ME17.5.20 and …24 ECUs

Here you go for connection pinout (in the manual):


but it is MED… and is totally different than ME…
Here are pics of the actual ECU from VW UP 1.0


Here connection boot for ME ECU Vag ME 17.5.20 – TC1767 …

ME FGtech.


Is there a document for ME 17.5.24 also? Some VW UP come with these ECUs.
Also at the bottom of the pages has instructions to look at page 2 in case of error. What is this page please?

Answer: if you have fg installed you can find in pdf all pin out for boot mod in C:\ FGTech\DOCUMENTS\BOOT_MODE_TRICORE…
for ME 17.5.24 i don’t now i never work with this kind of ecu’s ,but here you find all pin out boot mod for fg in pdf.


And the K-tag pinout for ME17.5.20-24:



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