Good / Bad Reviews on CAS2 sync with CGDI BMW

Bad review on CAS2 sync with CGDI BMW:
only done 1x CAS2 with CGDI – 2006 E90 Diesel
ELV sync was OK
CAS sync failed, ERROR and would not start
car did not start until i used another tool to do the CAS sync

Good Review 1:
I’ve done many e60 cas2 no issues (with CGDI BMW), more than I can remember. only 2 times crank no start and needed resync. 1 vehicle is because power died from bad battery customer did not tell me battery dies after few minutes, and 2nd time I did add key and got error, I usually never do add key and always just generate and works good, so maybe that caused.

both times fixed by disconnected battery both + and – and let sit for 20 minutes, reconnected battery and used ista/d to resync. car starts right up after sync.

cgdi bmw

Good Review 2:
have little problem. with cas 2 when add dealer key with remote or key .
new key change on e60 km to miles and today remote on e91 change language french to german just with this added Key ori key no problem .

Good Review 3:
I know CGDI isn’t perfect, but it is, in my experience, a useful tool and good value for money.

Every tool can cause cas/ews/dme/dde synch issues on BMW, particularly diesels and you need a good solution to resynch. I had a very experienced key guy message me the other day about an E91 that had lost synch using AVDI. It’s nothing to do with the tool used, it’s the process.

I don’t even try to use a key tool to resynch ews/dme. Use a good BMW diagnostic and, more importantly, know how to do it.

Ista D is ideal, but it’s hardly a 10 second process. You do it your way. I’ll do it mine.

how to use ISTA D to do a Synch, after battery reset?
Clear dme/dde fault codes
Disconnect battery.
Wait 20 mins. Count it. Don’t be impatient.
Reconnect battery.
Ideally, connect battery support unit.
Check no fault codes. Do not try to start car.
Do cas/ews to dme/dde resynch.
Ista D – service functions. Just follow the instructions.

Good Luck.

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