FGTECH 0475 test results on XP, win7, win10 etc.

Put together all FGTECH 0475 users’ test results on windows XP, win7, win10 etc. and followed with FGTECH 0475 driver mega link.

1. FGTech 0475 windows 7 32bit test results
@ vectrac20tsri review
I actually like fgtech clone on my win 7 laptop(bulky 15.6) have done edc16 golf bkd 2.0, 1.9 edc15p, sid206 1.8tdci, saab trionic 8 obd on the bench and it was flawless, for me at least it’s a lot faster than clone kess 5.017 and clone mpps v18.

But on the chuwi 10.1 2 in 1 which is great for the price and portability but fgtech crashes when selecting a kline driver and clicking ok, select a can driver and it seems to work fine.

I only write my own / friends cars ect, would never recommend using clones in a commercial circumstance just too much of a risk although touch wood I have never had 1 issues, have done edc16c35 with mpps, BOSCH ME9.6.1 and me7 multiple times with kess.

@Inked review
Yes: I dual booted a laptop with an i5 processor and windows 7 x86 and everything worked.

No: I’ve been trying to install FGTech 0475 on laptop with AMD processor & windows 7 32bit, Everything seems to install ok but it won’t launch. When I try and launch it I get a message saying “windows vista or above detected, making second patch” then the fgtech device makes a couple of clicks and that’s it.

No: I’ve tried running it in xp sp3 compatibility mode and running it as admin but it still won’t launch.
I’ve also tried installing it directly on C: drive and I have no antivirus or firewalls.

2. FGTech 0475 Win10 test results:
@ vectrac20tsri review
windows 7 with i5 3rd gen = runs and operates fine.
windows 10 i5 8th gen = not read a ecu but opens and operates fine.
windows 10 intel celeron N2830 = can’t get it to open regardless of compatibility settings
windows 10 intel atom z8350 = with certain compatibility settings I can get it to run but when selecting a k-line driver the software crashes and I have no idea why.

I list the cpu’s as I struggle to figure out what it can be, I made sure all c++ Redistributable where installed the same as the working laptops.
3. FGTech 0475 windows XP test results.
obd2shop.co.uk engineer test it with no problem.

Finally, you may need FGTech 0475 driver to download
Link 1:
works without problem for me

Link 2:
Pass: 3x2v6k
Uploaded by www.obd2shop.co.uk engineer

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