Use VCM2 V108 to remove Ford Transit connect 2011 speed limiter

A week ago I bought a Ford Transit connect 2011 plate, and it wasn’t until I was coming down the motorway I realized it had a 60 mph speed limiter in place, so I bought Ford VCM II V108 Ford OEM Diagnostic Tool to remove it.

How to remove speed limiter from 2011 connect:

1. After installing the IDS software to the laptop/computer, select toolbox>>module programming.

2. Next select Programmable parameters>> Speed items.

3. Select Vehicle Speed Limit-(PCM)=Disable Speed Limiter>> Disable Speed Limiter.

4. The program will pop out a note warning “Is the vehicle equipped with the PATS system?”, click yes to proceed operation.

5. Under the Module Programming interface IDS now is erasing PCM (ECU).

6. After erased ECU, IDS starts to download data to PCM (MCU).

7. Click on tick mark to move on. IDS will inform you to turn ignition off and on several times. Then the program will display message “Calibration has been loaded and checked” in the PCM Reprogramming interface.

8. IDS will run the PATS service function automatically. Click tick mark and the IDS again will inform you to turn off and on the ignition switch several times.

9. The interface displays operation successful and programming complete message. Then click on tick mark to move forward.

10. IDS start to clear fault codes. After the errors codes have been successfully cleared, the process is fully completed.

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