Solution to Ford Transit MK7 2007 Cruise Control not working

Ford Transit MK7 2007 Cruise Control not working since l bought the van, suggest what to do, how to do? Ford scanners (‘IDS’, ‘VCM clone‘, ‘Forscan’ or ‘ELM327’ ) are suggested to read out the fault codes.

Suggest to do:
1. Please attention if the green cruise light illuminated at all when you turn ignition on.
if the system is active you will see the cruise indicator light come on briefly (along with all other active indicators) at ignition on. The symbol is green and looks like a speedo face. On a 2007 van the indicator is most likely on the tachometer face. On vans with hill start assist, the symbol will be on the speedometer face.

2. Use a Ford scanner to have the codes read..There may be an another related issue you’re not aware of.
if there’s a fault with the system it will be stored as an error code. The most common fault is (I believe) the clutch pedal switch: in normal use, pressing either the clutch or brake pedals will suspend the system.

The procedure on how the system operates:
First, the system needs switching on with the ON button on the left of the steering wheel. This does not light any indicator.

Then, at a speed above about 20-25mph, press the +/SET button. That should set a speed and light the green indicator.

Cruise indicator is bottom right of the speedo (this is a van with hill start assist).

Cruise indicator is on the rev counter face (from Loot’s How To Add Factory Cruise thread).

Occasion: The Cruise Indicator does not light up.
If the indicator does not light at ignition on, I’d say the system is not working. There could be a number of reasons for this, for example:

1. Someone has fitted a steering wheel with cruise buttons to a van without the correct BCM (body control module).
2. The BCM might have been replaced at some point with one that does not support cruise.
3. The cruise function has, for some reason, been disabled in the BCM.

I’d look through Loot’s ‘How To Add Factory Cruise’ thread and Vantuner’s website, both of which tell you all you need to know about the components needed to support cruise. This will eliminate points 1 & 2 above. Then get the DTCs (fault codes) read. This will show up faults such as the clutch switch not working properly. There may be a local garage or a local member of this forum who can do this for you. Alternatively, if you’re ‘hands-on’, you could buy the kit needed to do this yourself. Do a search on ‘IDS’, ‘VCM clone’, ‘Forscan’ or ‘ELM327’ for info on all the options.
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