The Best Scan Tool Original G-Scan 2

Obd2Shop.Co.Uk released a new professional Scan tool—- Original G-Scan 2

G-Scan 2 Feature:

Professional Scan Tool

Working on Both Cars & Trucks

Update Online Free for One Year, After One Year, Cost 350usd/Year.

G-Scan 2 Greatly Improved Functionality:

This tool has so many attributes that most other tools just do not have. I am accustomed to dealing with OEM level diagnostic tools and programs like wiTech, which allow you to do things that most generic diagnostic tools just don’t do. Things like being able to look for diagnostic trouble codes inside every single module on the network, without having to back out of any given module and go into another. G scan’s ‘System Search’ mode checks all the systems fitted in the car automatically, reports the number of fault codes found and availability of advanced diagnostic functions in each detected system. Sure, it’s a little thing, but it makes taking a peek into the entire CAN BUS system a snap when you are hooking up to see where the issues are. If you’re working at a shop that has the “$39.95 diagnostic special” and you want to achieve that full system scan quickly, G Scan 2 lets you do that! Unlike others who may have this function, like OTC, for instance, which takes like 15 minutes to do a full network system scan, I was able to accomplish a complete system scan in 37 seconds on a GMC Yukon with over 30 controllers on the network. That is impressive speed! In addition to the normal gamete of functions, screen capture, record and full text descriptors of codes are all there in both DTC mode as well as data stream mode.

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