Super MB Pro M6 with HDD Review: Diagnose Benz W205 Test

This is the Super MB Pro M6 with HDD diagnostic tool which I just got recently. It is said to have same functions with MB Star SD C4 Plus despite the appearance. Today I’m gonna use it to diagnose Mercedes Benz W205 for a test.

It may help:

MB Star Diagnostic Tool Comparison: Super MB pro M6 vs. C4 vs. C6


Super MB Pro M6 Appearance Review

On the left side, there is an Internet port which I can connect to PC via network cable or WiFi(password: 123456789).

The WiFi indicator will light on once the connection is successful.

On the right side, it is the OBD port for main cable to connect with vehicle.




Super MB Pro M6 with HDD Test Review

Super MB Pro M6 mainly supports all system diagnosis, online programming(requires an account), coding, new DOIP protocol Benz models, ECU upgrade, modification, etc.

Now let’s connect it with Mercedes W205 for a quick diagnostic test.

The indicators of power, PC, and WiFi will light on to mean successful connection.


Input the password to connect WiFi, start Xentry software.

  • Mercedes Benz >> Passenger car >> C(205) >> XENTRY Diagnosis

The diagnosis application is being started…





Click “Initial quick test”.

The quick test is being performed…

It shows there are 38 modules for scanning, it’s coming to the 18th.

It’s really quick, only takes 1-2 minutes to finish.

It’ll also save and show the quick test result automatically. “√” means the module works well without faults while “f” means the module has a DTC. To check ECU information or DTCs, I can click “+”.





The diagnosis is actually fast and accurate to find out DTCs in minutes. MB Pro M6 works just as well as SD C4 Plus for Benz.



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