Launch CRP909E Review: Benz Diagnostic Test Fast & Accurate

Just got a new tool Launch CRP909E OBD2 Scanner, so I wanna have a test for the 2008 Mercedes Benz. Start the vehicle system detection, let’s do it.

The diagnostic report has come out, how quickly it is, this is 2 minutes of fun to get through all the systems we’re scanning. It found that fault overhead control panel, fault no panoramic sliding roof, not equipped with the rear control left front reversible. Launch CRP909E is fast all right literally in 2 minutes. We have our diagnostic report software icar, I had to go through each of the 39 little systems. It took me at least 25 minutes, but the CRP909E scanner did it in 2 minutes. How quickly this is going.

There are 4 fault codes, CRP909E found the same issues as my icar software, but it found them much quicker. This is what scares me 4 problems according to the diagnostic report.



If I hit the “Share” button, I can email it to myself. The whole report is pretty amazing. The report is quite comprehensive, accurate and convenient to print.

Go back to the home page, there are 8 main sections: Diagnose, I/M, OBDII, Reset, Battery Voltage, Upgrade, Data, Settings.

Let’s go to “Reset” to have a look.
As you can see, the CRP909E scan tool does support 15 maintenance services such as brake reset, oil reset, SAS reset, BAT reset, ABS bleeding, throttle adaptation, TPMS reset, DPF regeneration, AFS reset, gear learning, IMMO, injector coding, gearbox reset, sunroof reset, SUS reset.

Look at the backside, it has a holder to stand the device.

In a nutshell, CRP909E is compact and handy to carry. The launch system is fast to scan full systems, its diagnostic report is accurate and complete. With the frequently used reset functions, it should be a good tool for each mechanic.


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