Self-test Method for Brake Pads, Check for yourself ! Very Easy !

Today, in addition to cars is a simple means of transport, but also the lives of many people, partners, many of my friends like to play with cars in his spare time pondering car. There are even some friends do not understand the car, but also hope to get more knowledge of the car through the car experience, the use of this knowledge to check their vehicle, Today would like to introduce you the easy way for Self-test Method for Brake Pads

Self-test some simple tips hopes to introduce the self-test method whatever, so that owners can not even replace or repair it yourself, but also more timely understanding of the vehicle information, the case can not be obtained at any time professional examination, self-examination and judgment of small vehicles methodological issues.
Brake pads and brake discs are two parts of this article is to explain the main brakes, brake pads need to be replaced regularly, and do not appear under brakes in damage, everyday use does not require replacement.

How to check their brakes by ourself ?

Method 1: Look thickness
A new brake pad thickness of about 1.5cm, the use of constant friction with the thickness gradually thinning. Professional technical staff recommends that when the thickness of the brake pads have been visually observed remaining 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.5cm) or so when the owner will increase the frequency of self-test, ready to be replaced. Of course, individual models due to the wheel design reasons, do not have the conditions for the naked eye to see, you need to disassemble the tire to complete.



Both sides of each brake pad has a raised flag, this flag is about the thickness of twenty-three mm, which is the thinnest brakes replace the limit, if the thickness of the brake pads have been parallel with this flag, it must be replaced. Thus, when the thickness of the brake pads closer to the flag when the owner must always observe the ready, but without removing tires is difficult to accurately observed by the naked eye, there are many models in the brakes too thin instrument handbrake position light will the tips on self-test is relatively convenient.


Tips: car brake pads according to strict environmental and driving habits no change intervals, generally with about sixty thousand kilometers should consider replacement. When visually observed when thin brake pads should be required at the time of maintenance technicians to check, because there is an error would have been visually observed, professional repair stations by caliper more stringent than visual observation of some.
If drum brakes, with a look that method can not check, you can determine whether the brake drum brake shoe needs to be replaced by the following two methods.

Method 2: Listen to the sound
If you tap the brakes at the same time accompanied by the “Iron Iron rub” sibilance (also possible that the role of brake pads installed at the beginning of the run-produced), then the brake pads must be replaced immediately. Because the brakes on both sides of the limit of identification has direct friction brakes, brake pads have been proven over the limit. In such cases, replace the brake pads in the same time to check with the brake disc, the sound often occurs brakes have been damaged, (shown below) at this time even if the replacement of the brake pads still can not eliminate the noise, serious need to replace the brake disc.



In addition, some of the poor quality of the film with hard braking points, it will also produce abnormal sound, abnormal sound after the general situation thus created will be removed with a period of time to disappear

Tips: When the brake sound heard often when it was too late, then the brakes more or less damaged. Brake disc brakes higher price compared to a lot, it is recommended that you frequently check brake pads, brake discs to avoid damaging things occur.
Method 3: Feel the intensity

If the brake was very difficult, it is possible that the friction brakes basically been lost, and this time must be replaced, otherwise it will lead to serious accidents.


Tips: This method is relatively abstract, seat of your pants may hold some bad, so develop a good habit of self-test is very important. Further reducing the braking effect will cause brake oil consumption increases, so replace the brake pads at the same time to focus Check brake fluid.

Purchase replacement recommendation
After a lot of friends off the habit to buy their own insurance and maintenance of some materials to repair shops and maintenance, for the purchase of brakes we recommend to the 4S shop or service shop for regular purchase and replacement brake pads because of the current market, especially in the city’s auto parts products species is varied, the enemy is indeed true and false, and the price is very different, and some thirty or forty dollars of substandard products simply, it is recommended that there is no ability to distinguish the authenticity of friends not to seek cheaper to buy some substandard products endanger traffic safety .



Genuine brake pads sophisticated packaging, and are equipped with certificate



Although substandard products packaging brand names, but rough work, no certificate

If the brake deviation
Many of my friends feel the slight deviation phenomenon vehicle in motion, often at this time is determined to do a wheel alignment. Here require special attention if the vehicles in all normal, just a deviation occurs when heavy brakes, the brake system will have to be checked.

Several methods described above can help you and the owner of the brakes for routine inspection, of course, naked self-test is only a rough judgment, the purpose is to try to find a vehicle problem earlier, to grasp the current condition of the vehicle, to repair and replacement work course to rely on professional repair station to carry out.

Hope it would help you !

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