How to install V5.84 Xprog M on WIN7 64bit – No need activation

Newest V5.84 Xprog M update more authorization than V5.74 Xprog M, then what is the difference in the aspect of installation?

Here offer V5.84 Xprog M installation tips and procedure on win7 64 bit.
PS: Xprog M can also be installed on XP 32bit.

Before you install V5.84 Xprog M, please uninstall all the software and USB drivers of the old version of Xprog on your computer.

1. Open my DVD and copy all files to the desktop.

2. Install Adobe Reader XI.
xprog-5-84-install-02 xprog-5-84-install-03 xprog-5-84-install-04 xprog-5-84-install-05

3. Click on “5.84 registry.reg”, click on “Yes”

Click on Yes.

4. Click on “My computer” -> “Xprog-Box” -> “Driver program”-> “Update driver program” -> “Scan the computer to search the driver ” , Windows already install Xprog m 5.84 driver.
xprog-5-84-install-08 xprog-5-84-install-09 xprog-5-84-install-10 xprog-5-84-install-11

5. Click on the folder “English 5.84 software”, then find out “XprogDesktop. exe”,

6. Open “Universal XPROG software – V5.8.4”

7. Click on “New” – “Update” – “Check Device”.

8. Check “Authorization”.
xprog-5-84-install-15 xprog-5-84-install-16

9. Click on “Device”, you can check what more authorization Xprog M 5.84 can work on.
xprog-5-84-install-17 xprog-5-84-install-18

10. Click on “Read” EWS3 of BMW
xprog-5-84-install-19 xprog-5-84-install-20

11. Read CAS4…
xprog-5-84-read-cas4-21 xprog-5-84-read-cas4-22 xprog-5-84-read-cas4-23

That’s all I can show, you can test more devices you want.

Video Guide:

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