Fixed! Chevy Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Learn Issue by ThinkDiag

This is a tutorial of how to use Thinkcar ThinkDiag Diagnostic Tool to fix a Chevy steering wheel angle sensor learn issue.

If you ever get any work done on your steering column and you need to replace that. ThinkDiag will go ahead and get you back to resetting it back to true. So you won’t drag to the left or to the right when you’re going down the street.


Go ahead and get ThinkDiag plugged in the OBD2 port of car to try it out.
fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (1)

There is a service light on dashboard, it says:”Steering assist is reduced, drive with care.” That means we have some issues with the car, so let’s diagnose it first.
fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (2)

Start the car, go to ThinkDiag app on smart phone:

ThinkStore >> More >> GM >> Automatically search >> Yes >> Turn the ignition on, press “OK”>> Yes
fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (3)

fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (4)

System selection >> Electronic brake control module(EBCM) >> Read fault code >> DTC display

As you can see, we have one fault code C0710-4B here: steering wheel angle signal – calibration not learned.

Go back to select “Steering wheel angle sensor module(SWASM)”
fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (5)

fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (6)

Special functions >> Steering wheel angle sensor learn

Align the front wheels straight and center the steering wheel, press “OK”.

Turn the ignition off, press “OK”.

Wait for 14s…

Turn the ignition on, press “OK”.
fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (7)

fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (8)

Procedure complete, press “OK”.

So let’s go back to clear fault code : Electronic brake control module(EBCM) >> Clear fault code >> Yes >> OK

And “read fault code” again for a check >> DTC Display

No trouble code, system normal.
fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (9)

fixed-chevy-steering-wheel-angle-sensor-learn-issue-by-thinkdiag (10)

The fault code has been cleared out, problem was solved.

This is using Thinkcar ThinkDiag to find out if the steering angle sensor of car needs to be calibrated. Easy fixed!

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