Yanhua ACDP Wifi connection and Bluetooth signal

When you install Yanhua Mini ACDP on phone and before downloading the software, you need to turn on the Bluetooth and connect Wifi.

Tip 1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the phone.
Turn on the Phone Bluetooth to search ACDP, if you can see it just to connect the Wifi next, please remember don’t match the Bluetooth, the Bluetooth signal is for programming.

acdp-toolkit acdp-wifi-bluetooth-02

***If you can’t find the ACDP Bluetooth when setting in the first time. Check whether the phone Bluetooth is turned on or not, just turn on it.
And for an Android phone, please go to “Settings”, then ” Safety and Privacy” and then open “location service”.

Tip 2: The Wifi must be connected for software download.
Your phone needs to connect to Wifi router or the hotspot of another phone for the first use and update , because ACDP communicates with the phone via WIFI.

***If you can’t program, please check whether the Wifi signal is strong or weak, or whether the password is incorrect.
The wifi name should be English plus number instead of special symbols.
It can’t support 5G signal.


Turn on Bluetooth and connect Wifi:

After the Wifi is connected, you need to register your personal info.

register-yanhua-acdp-1 register-yanhua-acdp-2 register-yanhua-acdp-3 register-yanhua-acdp-4 register-yanhua-acdp-5 register-yanhua-acdp-6

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