(Guide) How Yanhua Mini ACDP connect to BMW CAS4 without soldering

This post will guide you to use Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master connect to BMW CAS4 without soldering.

CAS4 Wholeset Schematic Diagram:

01-BDM wiring diagram-CAS4 wholeset diagram 01

CAS4 probes location schematic diagram:


02-cas4 probes location diagram-02

The Procedure as shown below:

Step 1. Install Copper Pillar, use M2.5*12+6 specified copper pillar to install support frame.


03-install copper pillar-01

Step 2. Install the CAS4 interface board.

Tip: Aim at the points D1\D2\D3\D4 accurately and press them, then lock the two copper pillars.

04-aim at the probes and lock the copper pillar-01

Step 3. Connect BDM Adapter, then plug the BDM Adapter into the CAS4 specified interface board.

05-connect bdm adapter-01

Step 4. Connect the ACDP with OBP + ICP adapter, then finished.

More details you can refer to the Video below:


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