How to solve Yanhua YH35XX Programmer messed code and unrecognized error?

I received the Yanhua YH35XX Programmer with Simulator but when I try to connect it says no programmer found and got messed code shown as below, I want to read write 35128WT.


The solution offered by Yanhua Engineer!JIg02agK!Ev3uZfmyImJAJ0-UEC5MLmPCElJoDjd5CWX-PJzqkfg
Tested OK by engineer and real users.

1. Insert the programmer into the computer and the computer recognizes a U disk named 35XX programmer.

2. Open the U disk, find the executable with the BMW_ODO_Professional_edition.exe or BMW_ODO_Standard_edition.exe name, and double-click to run
3. Wait a few seconds after the program runs, and read and write the chip when the status bar at the bottom of the application says, “programmer connection successful.”

Tip: If the program runs incorrectly, or the program show you for a missing Microsoft .NET Framework4.6 runtime, Please download and install the Microsoft .NET runtime, and then restart the program.
Refer to the download connection below, copy it to your computer browser and open it:

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