(Fixed) Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC key programmer error “inputprogrammodeerror”

Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC key programmer error “inputprogrammodeerror” shown as below.


Possible reasons:
User operated incorrectly not following the programmer’s instructions.
Yanhua engineer tried to use BMW FEM Test Platform to test the FEM data the user provided and follow the BMW FEM/BDC programmer to operate, it can program with no problem, and tried to not read out 95128 data according to the prompt they got this error “inputprogrammodeerror“.

Then, how to read out 95128/95256 data?
1. When you go to the second step “Update / Program FEM/BDC”, you get the message shown as below, please ensure read out the 95128/95256 data to backup, for example, please name 95128/95256 data as ” EEPROM_95XXX.bin”.


2. When you get the windows message shown as below, please select the 95128/95256 data (EEPROM_95XXX.bin) saved in the last step, if you select the 95128/95256 data that you back up before, then you may get error message “inputprogrammodeerror


Very importantly:
Please make sure you operate BMW FEM BDC key programmer by following the tips and instruction.


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