4 Most Recommended Affordable Power Probe 2021

We have picked out the 4 most affordable & cost-effective electrical power probe testers from Obd2shop. What are the differences between them? Don’t know how to choose? No worries, let’s take a look at the comparison form below.

GODIAG GT101 vs. GT102 vs. JDIAG P200 vs. Autel PS100 Comparison

Items GODIAG GT101PIRT Power Probe GODIAG GT102PIRT Power Probe JDIAG P200 Smart Hook Autel PowerScan PS100
Image 4-most-recommended-affordable-power-probe-2021-(1) 4-most-recommended-affordable-power-probe-2021-(2) 4-most-recommended-affordable-power-probe-2021-(3) 4-most-recommended-affordable-power-probe-2021-(4)
Price £60 £60 £113 £68
DC Voltage
AC Voltage × ×
Positive & Negative Voltage Output
Component Activation
Current ×
Resistance × ×
Open Circuit Detection
Short Circuit Detection
Fuel Injector Test ×
Fuel Injector Cleaning × ×
Relay Test ×
Oscilloscope Function × × ×

1. Price
GODIAG GT101 = GODIAG GT102 < Autel PS100 < JDIAG P200

2. Functions
– Both GODIAG GT101/ GT102 support fuel injector cleaning while the others do not.
– Both Autel PS100 & JDIAG P200 support AC Voltage, resistance while the others do not.
– Only JDIAG P200 supports the oscilloscope function.
– Only Autel PS100 does not support fuel injector test & relay test.
– Only GODIAG GT102 does not support current.

– 4 electrical power probes all support DC voltage, positive & negative voltage output, component activation, open circuit detection, short circuit detection, flashlight.
– GODIAG GT101/ Autel PS100/ JDIAG P200 support current.
– GODIAG GT101/ GT102/ JDIAG P200 support fuel injector test & relay test.

GODIAG GT101, GT102, Autel PS100 are the most cost-effective circuit testers. It is recommended to select according to different needs.

If you prefer all functions except the fuel injector cleaning function, then JDIAG P200 Probe Circuit Analyzer will be the best.



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