Yanhua Mini ACDP: now you can get the authorization by yourself

This post is about Yanhua ACDP Automatic Authorization, now you can get it by yourself.

Here is the procedure:

When you receive an ACDP module(such as sk247-4 35080\35160DOWT Module), after the ACDP bonded, it shows the device does not obtain the authorization of the relevant function, as shown:


Note: Please make sure your phone version is 1.8.4 or above(IOS) or 3.0.92 or above(Android).

yanhua-acdp-authorization-02 yanhua-acdp-authorization-03

1. There is a sticker with authorization code on the module box, take off the green security seal and clean up the QR code.

yanhua-acdp-authorization-04 yanhua-acdp-authorization-05

2. Make sure the ACDP has bounded successfully, and click “me”


3. Click “module list”


4. Click “ADD”


5. Click “Scan QR Code” to start scanning the QR code


6. Check the authorization card number and click “Submit” after confirmed.


7. When the prompt comes with authorization success, click “OK” to continue


8. Get the authorization successful!


Note: If you want more module authorization info, please click “ADD” for more.


If you change another phone or PC, after the ACDP bounded, please click “Refresh” to download your authorization info.


That’s all.


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