Yanhua Mini ACDP make odometer programming for VW MMC without welding

Yanhua Mini ACDP is the innovative Key Programming tool that makes car locksmith NO longer needs soldering work. This post will guide you how Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master make odometer programming for VW MMC without welding.


Step 1. Remove two original studs on the odometer dashboard. Use four M3*14+6 copper pillars to build up two support points.
Step 2. Aim at the direction with copper pillar roughly, then carefully calibrate the probes location.
Step 3. Press down the interface board vertically and lock the top two copper pillars.

install interface board

Step 4. Install the Puncture IC socket: Push right first, then press towards to the LCD direction. In order to relieve the interference between the metal bracket foot and the ICP socket, pull the bracket foot in the front before installing the ICP socket.

break off the interference bracket first

Note: Before inserting and pulling out the socket, please upward loosen the copper pillar to retract the probes into the mold in order to protect the probes, beside, mind the inserting direction and location.

install puncture ic socket note

Step 5. Connect the Yanhua ACDP with OBP + ICP adapter and make odometer programming and check the result of it.

MMC wiring diagram

Video Guide:

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