Xtool Scan Tool Comparison: A80 Pro vs. A80 vs. X100 PAD3

Don’t know how to choose an Xtool scan tool? Here we have picked out 3 hot-selling scanners to make a comparison: Xtool A80 Pro, A80 & X100 PAD3. Hope this article is helpful for you.


Xtool A80 Pro vs. A80 vs. X100 PAD3

Item Xtool A80 Pro Xtool A80 Xtool X100 PAD3 (X100 PAD Elite)
Image xtool-scan-tool-comparison-a80-pro-vs-a80-vs-x100-pad3 Xtool A80 H6 XTOOL X100 PAD3
Memory 2G RAM + 64G ROM 2G RAM + 32G ROM 2G RAM + 64G ROM
Display 8 inch 8 inch 8 inch
All System Diagnosis ×
Read ECU Info ×
Read Trouble Code
Clear Trouble Code
Live Data ×
Read Freeze Frame ×
Actuation Test ×
Instrument Cluster
Key Programming Vehicles 67 models 70 models 83 models
EEPROM Adapter Optional Optional
KC100 Optional Optional
KC501 Optional Optional Optional
Online/Offline Programme × ×
Coding × ×
Brush Hidden × ×
Oil Service Reset
Window Initialization
ABS Bleeding
Gearbox Match
BMS Reset
Air Suspension
SAS Reset
Crankshaft Resync
Injector Code
Airbag Reset
Seat Configuration
Electronic Pump Activation × ×
Performance Tire Upgrade × ×
Disable Transportation × ×



Xtool A80 Pro & A80 are mainly designed for diagnosis, which have full system diagnosis while X100 PAD3 does not. Among them, A80 Pro also supports online/ offline programme, coding, brush hidden while the others do not support. A80 Pro is much professional in diagnosing than others.


Xtool X100 PAD3 is designed for key programming, which supports the most vehicle models: 83 models. EEPROM adapter & KC100 can be included in X100 PAD3 package while you should purchase separately to use them working with Xtool A80 Pro & A80. Besides, X100 PAD3 also supports electronic pump activation, performance tire upgrade, disable transportation while the others do not support.



All supports common diagnosis: read/clear fault codes, OBD2 scan. All support instrument clusters, IMMO functions, and frequently used maintenance services. All can work with EEPROM adapter, KC100 & KC501. All are 8-inch tablet screens.


Sum Up

Xtool A80 Pro is the most comprehensive diagnostic tool among them. It is suitable for professional technicians who require online programming & coding when repairing cars. It is also worth mentioning that only A80 Pro supports Benz/ BMW online programming.


Xtool A80 is an entry-level diagnostic scanner that can meet daily use for mechanics or car repair shop. It is suitable for those who only require all system diagnosis when repairing cars. It features with same IMMO programming, instrument cluster, and many special maintenance functions as A80 Pro.


Xtool X100 PAD Elite is suitable for a professional locksmiths to program keys, especially it supports Toyota/ Lexus AKL & VW 4/5th IMMO functions. It is a multifunctional key programmer that supports most car models, special services, and basic diagnosis to meet daily key programming jobs.



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