How to Use Launch BST360 Bluetooth Battery Tester?

Launch BST360 is a new Bluetooth battery tester released recently. It supports to do ripple detection, battery test, electric current test, starter test, charging system test and voltage test.



Connection Type Bluetooth
Test Voltage Range 11-16V
Test Capacity Range 30AH-80AH
Operating Temperature -10℃ – 50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ – 60℃
Wire Length 56cm



How to use Launch BST360 on a phone?

  1. Install BST360 app in Google Play Store, allow all access to start;
  2. Clamp battery with BST360, go to BST360 app to do tests.

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How to use Launch BST360 on X431 diagnostic tool?

Launch BST360 supports to work with X431 diagnostic tools like X431 Pro V4.0, X431 Pro3 V4.0, X431 PAD V, X431 PAD VII, etc.

  1. Clamp battery with BST360;
  2. Go to PAD V to control: Other modules >> Toolbox >> Battery tester >> BST360

Here we can perform 3 battery tests and have a report.

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How to do Battery Health Test with BST360?

Please select according to facts:

Battery health test >> I know >> Common battery >> Japanese industrial standard >> 42B19

Now we can check battery power SOC, battery voltage, battery life SOH, measured starting current, input standard, input rating and internal resistance in Battery Health Test.

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How to do Cranking Test with BST360?

  1. Start System Test;
  2. Please turn off all electrical components including car lights, radios, air conditioners, etc. It was turned off before the test;
  3. Start the engine to test after pressing “Confirm”.

Now we can check start duration & start voltage in test result.

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How to do Charging Health Test with BST360?

  1. Charging Health Test;
  2. Start the engine before testing to make sure it has started;
  3. Increase the speed to 2500 rpm and keep it for 5s;

Now we can check on load voltage & no load voltage in test result.

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How to share the Test Result Report?

Open the report file, click “Share” on top right corner, it can be sent to anywhere via Bluetooth.

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More questions about BST360 Battery Tester, welcome to contact us.

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