Infiniti M45 Key Programming via XTOOL X100 PAD3 in 4 Mins

Today I’m going to try to program a key for 2006 Infiniti M45 via XTOOL X100 PAD3 key programmer. I will use a pre-owned existing key to program.

Connect XTOOL X100 PAD3 to the OBD2 port of Infiniti, then let’s start:

Diagnosis >> Infiniti >> Agree >> Read bcm code and release steering lock(4 pincode) >> Read BCM code >> OK
infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(1) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(2) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(3) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(4) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(5) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(6)

Release steering lock >> OK >> Switch ignition off, press “OK”>> Input pincode >> Success, press “OK”
infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(7) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(8) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(9) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(10)

Go back to previous menu, press “Program keys”>> Select from type >> Immobiliser system >> 4 pincode >> Type 1(KWP)
infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(11) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(12) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(13) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(14)

Insert the key and switch ignition on, press “OK”>> Program keys >> OK >> Input pincode, press “OK”
infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(15) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(16) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(17) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(18)

Follow the prompts, press “OK”
1. Switch ignition off and remove key;
2. Inset the first key and switch on for 5 sec, then switch ignition off and remove key;
3. If you want to add more keys, please repeat procedure 2, complete.

Okay, let me test the new key, it can work normally, programming is successful.
infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(19) infiniti-m45-program-a-key-via-xtool-x100-pad3-in-4-mins-(20)

This is a 2006 Infiniti M45 key programming demonstration using XTOOL X100 PAD3. It is quite easy and fast to be done in 4 minutes.


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