Launch X431 Guide Function to Set VW Passat 2013 DSG Transmission

After replacing DSG transmission, DSG clutch pack & DSG mechatronic, the vehicle may get a fault code P175F00: transmission basic setting not perform.

How to do DSG transmission basic setting?

The procedure is taking VW Passat 2013 as an example, applies to Launch X431 PAD V, X431 PAD VII, X431 Pro V4.0, X431 Pro3 V4.0.

Having diagnosed systems for fault codes, go back to “Guided Functions”.

Fill in the vehicle’s basic characteristics including manufacturer, vehicle type, year, model, engine type, press “Start”.



Transmission electronics >> Guided functions >> J743 – Mechatronic, basic setting >> Continue/ complete >> Continue/ complete




Follow the instructions to operate:

Note: if the entire transmission is replaced, no basic setting is necessary.

To ensure proper communication between control modules, the installation info must be reset.

Continue/ complete >> 2. transmission basic setting >> Yes


Check Pre-Conditions:

More transmission selector lever to position P.

Apply the parking brake.

Switch the engine off.

Switch the ignition on.

Press “Continue/ complete”.


Test requirements have been met.

Basic setting will continue.

Please wait the vehicle diagnostic tester automatically continues…


Basic setting active.

The basic setting is running, please wait…


During the basic setting, unusually loud gear shifting noises are noticed in the drive train.

Press “Continue/ complete”.

Start the engine…

Please wait…


The basic setting has been performed correctly.

Only when the ignition is switched off and on will the data in the mechatronic be stored.

Switch the ignition off.

Press “Continue/ complete”.


Wait for the control modules shutdown to complete.

Switch ignition on.


The basic setting is completed with the switching on of the ignition.

In the next test step a test drive for the adaptation of the adaptation values is to be performed.


Finally, let’s drive the vehicle to have a test.

It is normal, done!


Using Launch-X431 Diagnostic Tool to perform DSG transmission basic setting after the replacement is easy to be done.

Video tutorial
Launch X-431 PAD V Guided Function on VW PASSAT 2013 DSG Transmission Basic Setting

Launch X-431 PAD V Guided Function on VW PASSAT 2013 A/C Compressor first run

BTW, What are Launch X431 Guided Functions?

The Guided Functions are advantaged with their easy operations. A guided functions is composed of
multiple basic functions, freeing users from trouble such as looking up channel number and login code.
Every guided function has detailed operation guidance and an operating condition statement. Targeted on
different car models and configurations, there are related operation guidance that provides
corresponding tips, auto log-in, matching, setting and coding. Having guided functions means having
the company of an expert who can provide ideas, help look up maintenance manual and test
functions while repairing a car. Till today, among the comprehensive diagnostic tools globally, very rare
of them support all guided functions of Volkswagen and Audi.

Launch X431 Supported Guided Functions:
Service Regeneration, Particle Filter(DPF)
Adapt Injector Correction Value
Reset Engine Control Adaptation Values
Throttle Learning
Fill Coolant Circuit
Adapt Values,SCR system
Activating/Deactivating Cruise Control System
Basic Setting Of Transmission
Basic Setting of Sensors (-G85/-G200/-G201/-G251)
Basic Setting/Bleeding Brake System
Initial A/C Compressor Run-In
Adaptation Automatic Locking At 15 km/h
Distance Control System Calibration
Deactivate Or Activate Airbags And Belt Tensioners
Adaptation Menu Key Multifunction Steering Wheel
Adapting Service Intervals
Service Interval Display, Resetting
Transport Mode, Switching Off/On
Level Control System Basic Settings
Brake Pad Change
Headlight Beam Adjustment
Battery Adaptation
Rear View Camera System Calibration
Driver Assistance Systems Front Sensor System Calibration
and so on


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