How to display OAT (Outside Air Temp) with MB SD C4

Here I shared with my experience How to display OAT (Outside Air Temp) with MB SD C4.

I bought a MB SD C4 (with 2016.03 version,WIN 8 DELL D630 HDD) from 

On May,3rd, I have used MB SD connect c4 to display the outdoor air temperature on the status line of the bottom instrument cluster display.

Steps to display the OAT:

Change the National identity from GB to Nederlands(my choice) as GB cars are prevented from displaying the temperature on the statusline.
In the Body Control Unit Menu
select Rear Sam
select Control Unit Adaptations
then National version of ATA function
now choose a suitable National version
and write change to Control Unit.
In the Instrument Cluster Menu
select Diagnosis to plant specifications
In the Main Menu of Control Module K16
select Control unit adaptations
In the Control unit adaptations menu
select Control unit adaptations (Variant Coding)

(if at this stage you select Menu-Werkseinstellung (Factory settings) and check the entry in Anzeige in Statuszeile you should find Geschwindigkeit if the car is UK registered. )

select Aktuelle Menueinstellung
change entries in
Anzeige in Statuszeile
to Aussentemperatur (3 times)
select Variantenkodierung
change Menu 04 to Vorhanden
enable Menu 05 and Menu 08

save coding and retire with a stiff drink.


Hope my experience will help you!

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