How MB SD C4 SDS(Star diagnostics) Do On Apple Ipad

MB SD C4 the Star Diagnostic Tool we found the IBM laptops a little bulky to diagnose MB cars , unless they are stationary on a cart.

If you are out in the field or at meets / track days you would want something portable and preferably with a touch-screen interface, that will be more easier!

The SD C4 laptop acts as a wireless access point with the built int WiFi card and the iPad connects to the laptop. The multiplexer is attached to the laptop as one convenient system. You plug the laptop into the car and close the lid, everything else is done through the iPad, and you have decent range as far as wireless communication goes.

Also, since the laptop and the iPad are running LMI software, if you have a 3G internet connection you can have someone remotely login to the SDS laptop, say from the shop, and diagnose the vehicle with you.

How to do it :

DAS on iPAD displays coding data:
Go to Control unit group


–> Drive


–> ME-SFI 2.7.1 – Motor electronics 2.7.1


Data are determined, please wait…


–> Variant coding


–> Display coding data


–> Coding


Data are determined, please wait…
Codes display..


Press F2 an then Press F1 continuously to back to Main Group.
Then go to Quick Test and then end DAS.





That’s all finished, hope it would help you.

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