How to Use Mini Zed-Bull Clone ID46 to a TPX3 Transponder

Mini Zed-Bull we know is a transponder cloning device that support reading Hyundai and KIA pin code, support 8C and 8E chips distinguish function , the mini zed bull also supported multi-languages

Today engineers would share with you

How to Use Mini Zed-Bull Clone ID46 to a TPX3 Transponder

Device we need:

Smart Zed-BULL Transponder

Car Model & Year:
Hyundai Accent 2010

Pleaes kindly notice: connect Zed-Bull with PC software in advance.

Here is the detail steps:

1.Open Zed-Bull software

Click “READ” and then “Write”

Confirm the selection of “TPX-3”;

Click OK;

Automatically Pop out Zed-BULL 46 Client window;


Click “COPY”;

Kindly notice: Writing transponder IDE. Do not move the TPX-3 transponder during process.

2.Stick the original key and TPX3 together;

Insert the key and turn ignition on/off for 5 times;

Take out the key;

3.Back to PC software and click OK;

Click “COPY”;

NOTE: Please put the original key to Zed-BULL antenna and do not remove during process.

Until pop out message reading Transponder cloning is successful.

Hope it would help you!

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