frm3 reading writing tools reviews: Xprog 5.55? Xprog 5.84? Orange5 Clone?

Purpose: Read frm3

ECU programmers to try and test reports:

Xprog 5.55 clone reviews on reading FRM3:

1. When I read d-flash is always corrupted.

2. Had the same with 5.55, no way to verfiy or to read FRM3 correctly.

Bought Xprog 5.84 and no problem anymore.

3. flash the atmega with 5.51 luis andre that is stable, 5.55 is useless.

Orange 5 clone reviews on reading FRM3:

My China Xprog reads differently every read for FRM3. Useless tool, no matter which program version.
I replaced it with Orange5

Orange5 Clone works perfectly fine. The process is very slightly different, but it has been documented here in the forum. It works well

Clone UPA reviews on reading FRM3:

Clone UPA does not work on frm3 at all.
Downgrade to Xprog 5.51 works but that version lacks the possibility to read broken dflash so you’l have to use a dump from internet and code afterwards.


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