BMW Mini E81 FRM3 UIF is missing, how to fix?

Car model and year: BMW Mini E81

I’ve managed to read d-flash and convert it to eeprom, then the car has strange issue when I engage high beam it turns of front fog lights and vice versa. Wrote VIN and VO-coded frm eith NCS. Checked with INPA and noticed that UIF is missing and when I’m trying to flash it with winkfp it gives error 200 “Error on reading HW-number from ECU of logistic file”.

I repair frm with xprog 5.5.5 clone.

Option 1: try with vvdi prog it goes wonderfully.
You know the S number on the FRM sticker is also its original ZB number. If you open FRM3R.HIS in the data folder of your daten files you can search for that number and follow it up to the newest ZB number. Old ZB on the left, new ZB on the right column. flash that ZB number and if comfort mode refuses then you can try expert mode. Expert mode is really not that difficult once you understand it. I could help you remotely with that if you like to.

If that doesn’t work you can write UIF with tool32. Just use the number on the sticker. Then try to flash it and it should work in comfort mode, or at least not get hung op on reading UIF.

Lastly, i honestly don’t think flashing it will solve this issue. If UIF and HW number aren’t in there it means bad eeprom. I had these kinds of issues a lot when i used Xprog clone to repair FRM’s. I have not had any trouble yet with my VVDI prog.

when using vvdi prog, you must first write partition (choose dflash 0kb) and ALSO write your new eeprom file. Function Write partition does not write your .bin eeprom file.

Option 2: HexTag
You don’t have to buy AutoHex, you can buy HexTag separately.

I also don’t like soldering wires to the FRM, that’s why I bought an “FRM test fixture”. I have seen people using BDM frames as well, but since the data is going over the actual connections I don’t really like that solution.

Option 3: ISTA P
simply connect ista P and let determine correct ZB number, if FRM cames red it doesn’t matter, it gave you correct number in the report. Then flash it with winkfp expertmode or comfrot mode…. then code it. Solved.
You can in expertmode, fixed a lot of them with bad bdm restore.

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