How to Choose ThinkCar 2&ThinkCar Pro

has released 2 Bluetooth OBD2 diagnostic tools recently: ThinkCar 2 & ThinkCar Pro. What’s the difference and how can I choose? Don’t worry, this post will list all details in comparison:

 ThinkCar 2 vs. ThinkCar Pro

Item ThinkCar 2 ThinkCar Pro
Image thinkcar 2 thinkcar pro
Software Cost A VIN + ABS&SAS reset is $14.95usd/year;

A reset for binding VIN is $9.95usd/year.

7 days for free try, maximum 9 VIN.

Free 3 VIN and ABS+SAS reset for first purchase, valid for 1 year.

Car model software: $19.95usd/year;

Functions software: $19.95usd/year.

5 software free, can choose car model and reset.

Software Coverage Support purchased binding VIN car. Car model software: support same brand cars purchased.

Functions software: support same function purchased for all cars.

Intelligent Operation
Full System Diagnosis




Full OBD2 & EOBD Functions

Read/clear DTCs
Stored/permanent DTCs
Freeze frame data
O2 monitoring tests
Request VIN/other data
Request control of on-board-system or component
Test results for continuously&non-continuously monitored systems






Maintenance Function

IMMO key programming
TPMS reset
DPF reset
Oil lamp reset
ABS bleeding
EPB reset
Throttle adjustment
Gear learning
Injector coding
SAS reset
Sunroof reset
Suspension reset
Gear reset
AFS headlight reset
BAT battery service
Acceleration Timer
Supported System IOS 9.0+

Android 5.0+

IOS 9.0+

Android 5.0+

Language English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


ThinkCar 2 software is applicable for car which was purchased by single VIN. The single purchase cost is a bit lower than ThinkCar Pro. Moreover, it has flashlight and acceleration timer features while ThinkCar Pro doesn’t have.

ThinkCar Pro car model software is applicable for same car manufacturer purchased; Maintenance function software is applicable for all cars with same function purchased. ThinkCar Pro single software purchase has a wider coverage of cars than ThinkCar 2.


Both ThinkCar 2 and ThinkCar Pro feature with full system diagnosis, 15 maintenance reset and full OBD functions. They all run same ThinkCar pro app via Bluetooth to diagnose cars, support IOS, Android system and 9 languages.


ThinkCar 2 OBD2 scanner is suitable for personal car owners who like DIY and maintenance by themselves. It is a multifunctional and economical diagnostic tool for specific VIN car, which meets individual requirements for car owners.

ThinkCar Pro OBD2 scan tool is suitable for car repair shop or mechanics who need to diagnose same brand cars. Small and protable ThinkCar Pro will be an ideal option for road rescue or home service.


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