Orange 5 clone feedback: pay what it can do

Many Orange 5 clone users feedback, they pay what it can do, it works like a charm, it is a good investment.

1. Orange 5 clone read and write eproms 95640 and 95P08C3 in circuit no problem with no errors, but I had to make sure that my connections to the chip via test clip were all good and then tool works like charm.

2. I have it for a long time and for now everything is working properly.
One of the few clones that work well and works as an original.
Some adapters are not supplied and must be purchased separately.

3. Adapters should be resolder for sure but it isn’t so bad, at all
The main point orange 5 clone isn’t so bad as clones can be.
Good investment for sure.

4. So far its reading and writing (with verify) all eeproms i try. Good tool so far.

5. I like PIN checking function (test insertions) very much .It saved my job a lot of time.
In combination with my UPA -S, carprog, and TL866 a lot of job can be done successfully.

6. Great programmer. All that is stated works. If the speed of exchange is not important, you can do a lot. Many good calculators.

7. 93c66,46,56, 24c02,04
S190, hc08(1j35d)ss read eeprom and flash
Hc05x32 ss and read all went good.

8. I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now I check in hc05b8, hc11e9, and eeproms. All read and write very fast.

9. This is my test report:


From where did you got yours?
You can buy anywhere but is better if have a quality control number on interface orange 5.


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