What eeprom programmers are better to choose?

Each eeprom programmer has its pros and cons and the market to intervene depends.
Autel XP400

VVDI pro reviews:
1. VVDI Pro does what it says on the tin!
2. vvdi prog is best for new motorola 9s12 in circuit and for flash memory is very good.
3. Vvdi prog is very strong with secured MCUs but weak with eeproms.

Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer

Orange 5 reviews:
1. orange5 is best for old motorola like 3d33j or 1d62j eeprom too.

2. Orange you must push disable security button 1st on some.


Xprog reviews:
1. Use xprog only for old ews3 and work well .

2. XPROG for airbag and dashboards

3. Occasionally the old xprog will come out the box but not very often anymore.

4. Be careful with whatever kit u buy – vvdi for example it’s easy to select 6 pin eeprom instead of 8.


Autel XP400 review:
Xp400 works well for me
Over PC better then tablet for raw dump
Better firmware
Very good build quality

The VVDI seems like more of a standalone then the XP400. I have the IM608 and a lot of the functionality it has is embedded into the IM608 environment. The PC software is great don’t get me wrong. The XP400 PC software does have some key functionality that the vvdi prog lacks but in my opinion that’s nulled by the price difference and the assumption that you most likely already have suitable options for keys.
I think you would be happy with the XP400 but to me it seems a little pricey as a standalone. And the sheer amount of people with vvdi over autel has to mean something.


UPA USB reviews:
1. UPA for everything works

2. Upa usb is very good with eeproms especially when you want to read them in circuit (use the 3.3v option).


Q4X review:
Q4X for old memories

Hextag review:
Another eeprom programmer, but another must-have.
This one is a bit uncommon between the other ones what I have, because it is made for in-circuit readings, only the small spiders (8 legged ones) are those that you have to remove for programming. Someone told me, that the VVDI Prog can do the same, but belive me it can’t. Just check the lists, you can find the diferences.
It has a good ECU clone/tune module can program beemer keys, it has a key renewal function (and much more), and is cheap enough to have it on your desk: just 450 USD when you get it from the official webpage.


Reviews on Orange5, VVDI Prog, HexTag, X-Prog:
Usually the 1st one what I check is Orange5. Second VVDI Prog or HexTag, then comes X-Prog. When that won’t work, then comes UPA and TLA.

Orange 5 for the Best docs available, but sadly almost nothing about cars younger Than 10 yrs.

VVDI Prog for the tons of in circuit readings

HexTag is relative New for me, but it is Always worth to check it

X-Prog comes handy with rare chips

TLA for the good TTL support

Upa is a good backup if nothing else works, or the in circuit readings are available just for this.

TBH in 90% of the cases the first 3 has the solution.

Iprog (clone) is a worthless crap, I wouldn’t pay a single cent for it, I couldn’t find anything where it could do anything more Than Time wasting.

Iprog pro

XEP100 Review:
That one is an expensive Way to fu.k things away. It kills randomly the Beemer CAS4+ modules instead of reading (on the bench).
It kills the Renault KVM module instead reading (2018 Captur)
And at least some MQB Skodas were sent into the bin with write errors.

To be upgrading…


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