(Solved) Clone V17.04 MicroPod 2 wiTech registration required

Offer the working solution to the Clone V17.04 wiTech error ” Registration required”, when running with Micropod 2 clone for Chrysler diagnostic/programming.

The error:
Device with serial number … is not registered. Please check the knowledge base to determine how to register a device:…. BTW, the serial number in the system is different from the one on the paper (shown as below).

The solution:
Open wiTECH Diagnostic Application Properties
Open File Location
Go to the local disk C:/Program Files (x86)/DCC Tools/wiTECH/client
Select XML file: app-config and open it via Notepad
Edit “value” here. Change a number (any one you like)
Save data
Then re-open wiTECH application
When the messages pops up again, just close it

Finally, wiTECH work great.

Video on YouTube:

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