Read BMW DME MSV90 ISN code with CG AT-200 programmer

BMW E60 525i DME MSV90 ECU read and write, ISN read on Bench with CG AT-200 programmer successfully.

This is BMW DME MSV90 ECU (BMW E60 525i).

CG AT-200 Wiring

cg-at-200-obd-read-isn-for-msv90-success-02 cg-at-200-obd-read-isn-for-msv90-success-08

Choose Brand, model, engine and ECU.

wiring diagram


Read VIN, ECU, ISN etc successfully.



Video guide:

In addition to BMW DME MSV90 ECU reading and writing, CG AT-200 programmer can also read and write ECU for MSD85 MSD87 N2055 B38 B48 etc.

How to use AT-200 ECU Programmer for BMW MSD87
How to use AT-200 ECU Programmer for BMW MSD85

Also CG AT-200 can read BMW ISN Code by OBD when all keys lost (BMW 3 Series 5 Series 7 Series X5 X6 GT535 with Six-cylinder engine).

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