Looking for a tool for MB models W204 W207 etc All Key Lost

Looking for a tool for MB models like W204 W207 etc for All Key Lost

what is better VVDI MB tool or CGDI MB if I will make 5-10 cars per year

which is easiest to use and which covers more models AKL or maybe other tool?

Experience for sharing:
VVDI MB tool – price around $1500 – token $25

CGDI MB tool – price around $700 -$1000 – annual fee after first year $120

Extreme MB – price is around $1100 – annual fee after first year $150

1. VVDI MB tool for MB models W204 W207 etc All Key Lost
Confirmed: Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool is able to add W204 W207 ALL KEY LOST without issues.

VVDI MB can unlock the fatal error and program the esl to EZS without a problem.
We have VVDI on our shop and we are very very happy with Xhorse Company.
For the W204 there is almost no BETTER tool. The main problem on anny tool is unlocking the fatal error, sometimes take 5 minuts to try, sometimes take 8 hours and at the end don’t unlock.

Reading EIS data

Calculate Password:
Step 1 – select working key, communicate mode and chassis
Warning: this operation should perform on the bench
Step 2 – choose “Data acquisition” to start with the following steps:
1) Plug device OBD line to cable OBD head on the bench
2) Plug IR adapter to VVDI MB Tool
3) data acquisition
4) 50% complete
5) 100% complete
6) save the acquisition data
Step 3 – choose “Update data” to send acquisition data
Step 4 – choose “Query result” to get result

1 It will take about 2.5 hours to finish this operation. Don’t perform this operation on the car
2 Connect EIS to correct cable before continuing.
3 Don’t connect ESL to cable.
Connect EIS with correct cable on the bench. Don’t connect ESL.
Connect device OBD line to cable OBD head







2. CGDI MB tool for MB models W204 W207 etc All Key Lost

Confirmed: CGDI MB tool can work good to do W207 W204 all keys lost on Bench.

– W207 on bench OK, 11 minutes

W204 2010 adding key on bench
Total time about 15mn.
W204 All Key Lost on Bench -Kline Connect-11

CGDI MB tool works good to do W207 W204 lost keys on bench.
W204 get data: About hour
PSW W204: 11minute all key lost in bench with VVDI cable
had VVDI and CGDI, CGDI is faster and no problem to get PSW:
W204-207 PSW-12

W204-207 PSW VVDI-13




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