NP Tool HU66 V.3 Read Key Bitting Code Operation Guide

This is an operation guide about how to use NP Tool HU66 V.3 to read key bitting code.

Introduction for NP Tool Button & Function
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How to use NP Tool Button & Function?
1. Long press “ON/OFF” button to start up, then short press to wait the indicator light on, pulling the pick up and down can change data.
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2. To lock the data, short press “Save/Calibrate” button. Pull out the pick to change data in next position.
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3. Continue to repeat and press “Save/Calibrate” button to lock data in other positions. Long press “Turn/Page” button to save the data when finished. The right bottom corner number means a set of data has been stored successfully.
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How to use Pick to Read Key Bitting Code?
1. Open the vehicle lock, switch it to fixed position for reading.
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2. Pulling the pick to one direction where cannot read bitting code, pulling it to the end for reading code.
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3. Press “Save/Calibrate” button to lock single data, long press “Turn/Page” button to store a set of data.
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How to Install Battery for NP Tool?
1. Open the battery cover according to direction of arrow.
2. Install the label side of battery to slot.
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1. To avoid affecting normal use, please change new battery in time when it shows only one bar left.
2. Please use 3.3V, CR2032 battery specification.

Code Instruction of NP Tool

Error Code Description Approach
Err-01 X axis overstep the lock Pick returns to the initial position, please turn off and restart.
Err-02 Y axis overstep the lock Pick returns to the initial position, please turn off and restart.
Err-03 Save failed Press save button again, please check the hardware after multiple failures.
Err-04 Full storage 1. Long press 3s “Turn/Page” button until screen flash 3 times, clean storage data, put and save the current data as the first storage data.

2.  Don’t save the current data, switch to working mode.

More information about NP Smart 5-in-1 Tool to be updated.

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