VW 6C Polo 2014 Check Engine Light Reset via Autel MK808

My VW 6C Polo 2014 has a check engine light keeps coming. Today I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic scanner to reset it.

Plug the OBD cable to vehicle, go to Autel MK808 tablet:

Diagnostics >> Volkswagen >> Manual selections
vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(1) vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(2) vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(3)

6C – Polo 2014 >> 2017(H) >> Yes
vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(4) vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(5) vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(6)

Control unit >> Engine Control module 1 >> Trouble codes
vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(7) vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(8) vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(9)

Oh, it is giving me four trouble codes here. I’m not sure what the U112100 and U015500 codes are about. But the P023800 and P011300 must be the reason causing check engine light. I just put a new sensor in my vehicle recently, then the check engine light is still on.

Clear DTC >> Yes >> Yes
vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(10) vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(11) vw-6c-polo-2014-check-engine-light-reset-via-autel-mk808-(12)

No fault codes detected. Press “OK” to complete.

Alright, the annoying check engine light has gone!

That’s really quick and easy!

This is a quick demonstration of how to reset check engine light for a VW 6C Polo 2014 using with Autel MK808 Scan Tool. Obviously it can do more than simply check engine light reset.



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