News: MPPS V18 update to V21 won’t lock the machine

You can install MPPS V18 software with the MPPS V21 hardware; and you can install MPPS V121 software with the MPPS V18 hardware, that is they can share the same hardware. And the machine will not be locked.

However, you have to remember these tips:
If you install MPPS V21 software on the MPPS V18 hardware, you are disallowed to downgrade to use V18 software, and will not ship the chip or the PCB to the user. If you need to run MPPS V18 software on the MPPS V18 hardware, you need to purchase extra V18 hardware and software.

Picture 1: “ECU not found” message means you can’t downgrade V21 software to V18.

ECU not found

Picture 2: “ECU information complete” message means MPPS V21 software is tested working fine with V18 hardware.

ecu found

Now, do you take easy to have one MPPS V18/MPPS V21? You don’t need to worry the machine will lock.
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