How to Use XTUNER E3 Diagnose Honda car ?

Here is the detail steps help you how to Diagnose the car by XTUNER E3?

1.Communication with the honda car

Please connect XTUNER-E3 with the car. After connection, the indication light turn on red. Please check the connection of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, if connect successfully, the indication light will turn to blue. Run the XTUNER-E3, and start to diagnose.

Choose the vehicle you need, and enter the diagnostic system:

Please press next page.

2.Read ECU Information for Honda car

3. Read DTCs for Honda cars

4 Erase DTCs for Honda cars

5. Show Data List for Honda cars

A.Selecct some items:

B.Select the 1 st item, and click the Wave button:

Click the Record button to start data recording, until and click Stop button to stop recording:

Click the Play button, it will show the recording data list, select one of them and replay the recording data:

6. Inspection by XTUNER E3:

7.TP Position Reset for Honda cars by XTUNER E3

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