How to Diagnose Hyundai ELANTRA 2012 by XTUNER E3 Scanner

Here comes the first Hyundai ELANTRA on-board activate test of Xtuner E3 WiFi wireless OBD2 diagnostic scanner.

Test Vehicle:

Hyundai ELANTRA HDC 2012

Operating system:

Lenovo Windows 7 64bit

Detail Procedure:

Pair with Xtuner E3 diagnostic interface via WIFI

Run Xtuner E3 software (download the client from official website

Click “Online Store” icon


You need to input the S/N number and password to login


Then choose ESS -> Hyundai Pro -> Diagnose -> Vehicle Manual Select

Then select ELANTRA(HDC)-> 2012->G1.6 DOHC, click Next to continue



Then choose quick test


XTUNER E3 scanner will connect to ECUs


Click Exit to stop quick test

Go back and choose System Selection -> ENGINE -> Data list


Go back and choose System Selection -> AIRCON-> Active Test


Go back and choose System Selection -> BCM -> Active Test -> Wiper

Then you can notice that the wiper is working…


Video Support:

Xtuner E3 Wifi diagnose Hyundai ElantraHDC 2012 on PAD win10


Diagnose Hyundai ElantraHDC 2012 by Xtuner E3 Wifi on Win7


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