How to Use VVDI BGA Tool Renew ESL for Benz 204 207 212

Today I write this article to share with you How to Renew ESL for Benz 204 207 212 with VVDI BGA MB Tool

Most owners Benz W204 W207 W212 ESL will damage with EIS. There are two possible reasons and solution:

  1. ESL motor is damaged and need to replace a new motor
  2. NEC chip is locked, although it is said to be able to unlock, actually it needs to replace new ESL (ELV emulatorshow as following:



Equipment Need Use :

ELV emulator

Xhorse VVDI MB Tool

ESL/ELV Motor Steering Lock

How to tell if the ESL is damaged or NEC is locked?

Connect to VVDI MB Tool and open the software, click “Check ESL damage” and you will get any of following display:

ESL is normal: it means the motor is damaged and you need a new full set of ESL motor shown.

ESL is damaged: need to replace new ESL.

Steps: replace ESL with VVDI MB BGA Tool


Erase EIS, then re-write EIS and personalize ESL, finally ESL is synchronized. Note: if you not erase ESL at first, but only personalize ESL, the ESL won’t be synchronized.

To erase EIS, both Key password and Erase password are required.

1) For the “Key password”, you can get it by adding keys.

2) For the “Erase password”, you can get by VVDI MB tool it is at 90% percent success rate, if no success; email us the EIS data for help.

After input the two passwords, click “Save EIS data” then “Erase EIS

Now the EIS is full new


Load EIS data

Tick “IR” to write EIS data and “OBD” to write VIN.

Step3. Click “Personalize W204 ESL


Now, the options “Initialized”, “TP Cleared” and “Personalized” are ticked, except “Activated

Insert the original car key then EIS and ESL is in “Activated” status.

Finally renew ESL with success.

Please Kindly Notice:

It’s hard to buy Mercedes 204/207 EIS and they are expensive. If you have 204/ 207 all key lost, you are advised to use W212 EIS for replacement and the ESL n.

Hope it would help you.


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