How OBDSTAR F100 make key on Ford Focus 05 and Mazda CX5

1 Month a go, I bought an OBDSTAR F100 from from China, aim to make key for Ford Mazda, as a senior locksmith, I have lots of device, e.g VCM2, when I was informed OBDSTAR Company release new F100 key programmer for Ford Mazda I was tempted considering it is not copied and no quality problem, and all update will remain at official site

I tested it ok programming key for Mazda CX 5, Ford 2015, Mustand 2015, etc. So I would like to highly recommend this tool to you all !

Here is the detail what I got from:

One box and open it is one simple OBDSTAR F100 unit togethe with a 16-pin cable.

it is very cute weights only 0.3KG and easy to take on my hand.


OBDSTAR F100 is very easy to use, just do what it prompts on the screen. It won’t require for password during the whole operation. FYI, the dealer code is 860010A1( the seller notice me by email, the after orders dealer code is 860755B1 )

OBDSTAR F100 make key on Ford Focus 05 and Mazda CX5:

Equipent needed:

Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Code Reader Chip Transponder

Magic Wand 4C 4D Transponder Chip Generator


Model Request : Ford Focus 05

Detail Steps by Steps:

Step 1: Use Quickly Code Reader to test the original transponder key. First insert the key into coil and choose “Read/ Copy” option on screen (pay attention do not move the key), then I read the chip type is 83.



Step 2: Test a new transponder key and repeat choose “Read/ Copy” option to read chip type, it’s 4D 70, then I try to start the car by this new key sure it’s not working.


Step 3: Use Magic Wand to format the new chip 4D 70 to 83.(Put the new key into key slot, input 83 and press “Write” button)


Step 4: Insert the new key while keeping ignition on then put Magic Wand coil close to ignition.


Step 5: Use OBDStar F100 to program new key. Enter “Operation Menu”, find “Programming Anti-theft Transponder Key”, and choose car brand and type. The screen show it’s initializing.


Step 6: Choose car brand, enter “Smart Key System”, then choose “Focus”→ “New Focus”→ “Type 2”.(Since this car is 2015Focus, I choose “2014~”)


Step 7: Choose “Programming a New Key”, insert the new key and turn on ignition, press “Enter” to continue. At this time, tips show on screen that it is reading pin code.


Step 8: Follow next step to turn off ignition and turn on it again (In all steps above you should keep the new key into coil.). Tips show that I have 4 available keys. Press “Enter” to make sure it.


Step 9: Follow tips to program a new key, it will take about 4 mins. Soon I get the pin code, press “Enter” to continue. Tip show now I have 5 available keys to start the car. And I use the new key to start car, it’s working




Vehicle model: Mazda CX5

Devices: two keys, F100 Mazda/Ford auto key programmer




(Notice: there are two selections ENT and ESC at the bottom of the F100. Press ENT means to continue,and press ESC means to return.)

Connect F100 to the car.

The programmer tool starts, and press ENT

Select Mazda CX5


With start


Switch ignition on

Follow the tip that all the smart key out of the car 1 meters away.


Press and hold the vehicle start button for 10 seconds, Start button indicator



Select all smart keys lost

Instruction: All smart keys will be erased, MIN keys are required


Switch ignition on


Current number of smart key:2

Press ENTER to continue, press ESC to return

Configuring the system, please wait…

Reading vehicle information…

Configuring the system, please wait…

Current number of smart key: 0

Erase complete

Configuring the system, please wait…

Switch ignition off

Press press button and follow the steps

Use a new smart key to contact start button, press ENTER to continue


Configuring the system, please wait

Current number of the system smart keys: 1

Program success, whether to program next one? Press ENTER to continue ,press ESC to return.


Switch ignition off and configuring the system, please wait…

Press start button and follow the same steps like the first key

Then current number of smart keys: 2

You have to complete the following procedures, engine can be started:

1 Switch ignition off
2 Put on the brakes, the key 1 press start button to start the engine for 3 seconds, then turn off the ignition switch
3 If you want to add more keys, please repeat procedure 2, complete.
Finally, test the new keys to test if they can work.




Done, more model will be tested and public!


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