How to use JMD Handy Baby II for BMW remote renew?

Topic: use JMD Handy Baby II to perform BMW remote renew in step by step.

JMD Handy Baby II key copy machine
Super Chip (S-JMD)
-IOS APP or Android APP with Bluetooth open
-BMW Remote
– The Unlock line in the package

1.Scan the Handy Baby II APP QR code to download, both IOS and Android are ok. For PC APP, you can download here (If you install on PC, it requires to active)
Install APP.
Register a user name
Bind Handy Baby II machine with the serial number.

handy-baby-app-download-02 handy-baby-app-register-03 handy-baby-bind-app-04

2. Plug the remote line to the S-JMD chip (in red color) , and another end to the Handy Baby II.
jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-05 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-06

3. Match the Bluetooth in the Handy Baby II and the Bluetooth in the mobile app.
jmd-handy-baby-ii-honda-crv-315m-create-control-07 jmd-handy-baby-ii-honda-crv-315m-create-control-08

4. Tap “JMD remote”, then “Honda “, then “CRV”, then tap “Create remote”, then choose “Wired”.
jmd-handy-baby-ii-honda-crv-315m-create-control-09 jmd-handy-baby-ii-honda-crv-315m-create-control-10 jmd-handy-baby-ii-honda-crv-315m-create-control-11

5. This is remote and unlock line.

6. This is BMW remote.
7. Follow the wiring diagram to connect the cable.

8. Plug to Handy Baby II and BMW remote insert into the coil.

9. Choose “Remote”.

jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-16 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-17
10. Take off the BMW remote, tap “Remote”, then “Remote renew”, then “BMW” and “5WK49125”.
Please use the unlock line to connect the key.
Press OK to writing.
Write successfully.
jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-18 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-19 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-20 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-21 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-22 jmd-handy-baby-ii-for-bmw-remote-renew-23

That’s all


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