How to Add Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 Smart Key by OBD with SKP1000

SKP1000 Key programmer Engineers successfully added a smart key to a Toyota Land Cruiser year 2012 by OBD!


Here is the key information:

2-button smart key

Frequency: 433MHz

Card slot: No

Start engine: One button start-stop


Device to program:

SKP 1000 tablet auto key programmer


Detail steps:

Connect SKP1000 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

Select Immobilizer function->Toyota->By system-> Smart key system 1 (CANBUS)

Maximum 7 keys can be programmed to this car

2 smart keys has been registered and another 5 keys can be programmed

SKP1000 car key programmer prompt to put a registered smart key into coil, remove smart key when hear beep sound

Change a new smart key and put it into coil

Remove key from coil

Configuring…please wait for 30 sec

Program success.

Test the new smart key.


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