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SVCI J2534 tool, in-house designed and manufactured tool of, is available at, it’s supposed to work with bunch of manufacturer’s software, like Ford’s IDS, Mazda IDS, Toyota TIS, etc. Would anyone recommend buying that over regular VCM 2? read the Fly SVCI J2534 test reports below.
FVDI J2534

Good Review 1:
Yes, it looks ok.
I use Forscan for Ford & Mazda via Passthru CanTieCar interface – Love it. Not as cheap as the svci J2534, but many more options.

Good Review 2:
It’s a powerful tool and works with official.latest ids software.

Good Review 3:
I just did a PCM/TCM Module programming on a 2014 fiesta with the svci j2534 today. Honestly I was surprised how well it worked. I would suggest a usb Y cable. I was having issues before because my laptop USB port did not supply enough current.

Good Review 4:
svci j2534 work good i tested many times program keys, sync immo , remove speedlimiter etc. and work OK

Good Review 5:
Its a very good tool. Svci j2534 works fine. Have been using it for a year now

Good Review 6:
Yes I ve done PCM/TCM on Kuga 2015 2.0L Tdci with IDS 116.1 no problem.
Better to have 12V power Supply connected to the battery.

Bad review:
Q: Has anyone tried programming an older eec-v pcm? 2000 f150. These are j1850 and require 18v feps on pin 13. I keep getting an feps error. When prompted to turn ignition on before it starts programing I see 18v being applied for 5 seconds then 0v and and then the error. I tried bench programming it as well. Just wondering if it’s my device or if it’s not capable of doing this older vehicle.
A: I have tried reflashing several j1850 vehicles with no success. I have the same problem. can only be correctly programmed in CAN protocol.

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