Difference between MPPS v18 Chinese and Europe

Answer a FAQ: What’s the difference between MPPS v18 Chinese and Europe.

1. Vote MPPS V18 China clone:
1). I’ve got an MPPS v18 china clone. Had it for ages and used it lots. No problems yet.
2). I also use MPPS V18 without any issues…. It’s OK…
3). I use china MPPS V18 and work 100%
All of the above 3 pieces of feedbacks from:
https://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/showthread.php/677305-MPPS-V18-EU-CLONE-any-experiences (Topic: MPPS V18 EU CLONE any

2. Vote MPPS V18 eu clone:
1). I have eu clone mpps 18 and never had any problem …. (one time i lock an 6O3 but caused by laptop not from mpps…)

I had buy one china 21 mpps and after i use it for ~ 10 times…. guess……….. (before buying, i ask the china seller for time bomb, and guess his answer… )

2). I don’t know if they have any major difference in how they works, but I feel more safety by using eu clone….(they have different hw)…

3). Update for mpps v18 clone But NOT China….. eu clone…..
yesterday I brick an ecu……. read in boot mode flash,micro, eeprom…. all ok
I start one more reading of the flash for compare….. at the half of reading……. no connection with ecu?
the ecu now is dead….. marelli 6o3…… no connection with op-com no hearing of the pump…. a big F on dash…
that is Very sad for me….. i had a big respect for that tool…..
and I don’t know if is possible to recover the ecu…..
I Guess not….

To sum up
The success rate of mpps v18 china clone is equal to the success rate of mpps v18 eu clone.
And mpps v18 china clone is less than 80GBP.

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