Read & Write EDC16C35 with kess, ktag, mpps, Galletto clone etc

EDC16C35 ECU reading and writing tools review: kess, ktag, mpps, Galletto clone etc.

Review 1. Kess v2 5.017 with red pcb
1). Read E60 530d EDC16CP35 with Kess v2 5.017
Choose by Kline ==> Setup ==> Pull Up ==> 225ohm
takes longer to R/W but does it

2). Read/write Bosch EDC16C35 with kess v2 5.017 clone no problem.

3) Some of the clones works perfect some don’t work don’t know I got friend he bought kessv2 clone red and its not r/w some ecu he got problems
in my opinion kess 4.03 is best I never got problem with red 5.017 I got on some cars.

4) In bmw cars always good power supply to battery 13.5-14v and never problem to this cars
edc16c31,c35 and cp35 all going good over obd and with kess or mpps.

today I tried it out, connect a good Battery Charger my Battery was at 13.1V and first Full read with Kess and than Write with kess.

Read 34 Minutes

Write 5-7 Minutes

Usw K-Line on E92 335D and in Options you have tu usw 225 OHM write speed.

Review 2. ktag via BDM
For EDC16C31 and EDC16CP35 I would done backup via ktag first.
you also can write with ktag via bdm… works fine at both.

Review3. with MPPS
– I Read/write Bosch EDC16C35 by MPPS and read/write by kess always no problem … checksum correction OK.

– My car is BMW e60 530xd with same ecu as yours, and read it with mpps v16. Never write it yet.
I think the kess is much better from mpps and you may not have a problem with it.

Review 4. Galletto clone works very good with this ecu via obd.

Credits to all users from DK / MHH forums.

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